Here Is How To Create The Kind Of Life You Love To Live

Here Is How To Create The Kind Of Life You Love To Live

There’s this 47 years old woman, Lucy by name (not her real name), she’s got everything a woman can think of. She has two grown up guys and a pretty lady, financially stable, looking nice in her outfit, no any serious health threat and she’s the head of the marketing department in her working place.

It seems virtually everything is in place for her and you can hardly think of anything that this wonderful woman lack that’s preventing her to live the kind of life she love to live.

Yes, she has nearly everything but she’s bitter and depressed – why?

She allows depression to take away every other great thing working in her life. She has harboured so much negativity in her mind which was affecting her subconscious mind and she was living it out without knowing it.

Here Is How To Create The Kind Of Life You Love To LiveShe complains of nearly everything around her from the hash economy, to the weather and even the people she works with in her office. She often time see more of negative happening than see the positive aspect of thing, and it was really affecting her life.

Not until she sought for help, her state of mind is creating the kind of life she does not want to live. Gratitude for all the good thing in her life is far from her lip, she focus on the bad in life instead of the good thing life has offered her. [Read; The one word that can help you always lower your anxiety]

How is her story concern you, you may ask?

Well, it is just to let you know that, certain thing like ingratitude can actually prevent you from living the kind of life you love to live. If you continue to have a steading stream of negative thinking, you can’t live the kind of live you love to live, it’s never going to happen because you’ll be depressed.

Developing the attitude of gratitude is a key to living the live you love to live. And the power of focusing on positive things around you will drive you closer to the kind of life you love to live. What you focus on will determine how you live your life. Often times, what our mind focus on are what we intent to act to produce that which we fix our mind on.

You must note that, you can’t stop your mind from thinking otherwise, but you can control what really dwell on your mind for longer. Positive or negative, whichever one you choose, it can either enable you or disable you.

The good news about this is that, you have the power to control what your mind focus on.

You should also note that, thinking about something negative or seeing something negative is an opportunity for you to correct the wrong if it is within your means. But don’t dwell on negativity because it will deprive you of your happiness.

I’m aware that sometime, it is difficult to be happy, and three reasons are the cause of this difficulty.

  1. We find it difficult to be happy because we live in a difficult world, full of bad news every day, hardship and frustration is just everywhere we turn.
  2. Our mind is that of the human that can think irrationally and takes away the happiness we’re experiencing at any point in time.
  3. We live with imperfect human being who can change the course of our happiness because we’re sometimes feeble minded; we don’t live with saints and angel.

However, in spite of all of these, we still have the control within us to remain happy and that will take conscious effort from us, and we will need to work on it purposefully if we are to create the kind of life we love to live.

I hope you get inspire on how to create the kind of life you love to live, what’s written in this article is what really keeps me going in life and I believe if you understand me well in the article, you might have learnt something good in it.

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