Ladies, Here Are 7 Things Your Introvert Lover Brings To The Relationship

Perhaps, any time you hear the oft-repeated ‘strong, quiet, type’ it reminds you of your introvert lover. On the other hand, though, you might not feel luckier than other ladies because you’d rather prefer an outgoing type of lover. This is a classic case of the neighbor’s grass being greener.

your introvert lover

Take a minute and think about it. There must be some good reason you ended up with an introvert as a lover. Maybe, there is a wide gulf between what you expected from your introvert lover as a partner and you are actually getting in the relationship.

To be fair, you could have a point there. After all, almost everybody loves an ebullient man who is the life and soul of the party. The sort of man who lights up an environment with his jokes and ability to conjure up fun things to do seemingly on a whim.

Before you start entertaining thoughts of calling time on the relationship with your introvert lover, take time to consider what you have going for you.

Things your introvert lover brings to the relationship

1. Total commitment or nothing at all

your introvert lover

Generally, introverts don’t go spreading love and friendship to a wide circle of friends or acquaintances. They are careful who they admit into their inner circle. And once admitted, they are committed all the way.

The same principle applies to whom they love. Your introvert lover didn’t just decide to be with you just for the fun of it. Be rest assured he gave it a lot of thought. It is very likely your physical looks had little to do with his final decision.

But what you get is total commitment to the relationship. You must have noticed he doesn’t care about other girls outside you. In the romantic sense at least. That is because he is completely invested in you.

2. You have who knows how to listen

your introvert lover

You must have lost count of the number of times you felt like tearing your head out because of his infuriating silences.

If you don’t know this by now, introverts are more comfortable with the thoughts swirling in their heads. They love having conversation with themselves.

This has given them the ability to be very good listeners. That is what you get: somebody who is able to really listen to you and empathize.

He definitely won’t do that annoying thing of interrupting you just because he wants to say something smart.

3. Action speaks louder than words

your introvert lover

Because your introvert lover is almost certainly the type who uses just a few words to make a point, you get more of gestures than grand declarations of love.

He is the type who would most likely surprise you with an actual gift than make a promise to get you a gift. You would most likely see tickets to a resort than a promise to go to one in the future.

That he is tight-lipped about his plans for the two of you doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about your input. Chances are, he already knew what you wanted. Remember, your introvert lover is a very good listener. And he doesn’t forget easily the things that are important to you.

4. He doesn’t care about jealousy

your introvert lover

Chances are, when your friends are joking about how their boyfriends are very jealous, you have nothing to share in that respect. The simple reason is, your introvert lover doesn’t have time for mundane things like jealousy.

As an introvert, he understands the importance of privacy. He would never question you unduly out of some unfounded suspicion. Just don’t give him any reason to doubt you though.

Because he doesn’t monitor you or even doubt you, there is no room for jealousy in his persona. Unfortunately, in a twisted sort of logic, some ladies take this to mean he doesn’t really care about the relationship. That is so wrong on many levels.

5. You have the perfect crisis manager

your introvert lover

How many times have you wished that your man acted impulsively? Countless times?

To be sure, many ladies with introvert lovers wished their men would just let go and do things without a thought about consequences.

Kill the thought though. Your introvert lover doesn’t roll that way. He is the patient type. He does thing methodically.

He brings this attribute to the up and downs of relationship too. He would never rush to judgment. And he would expect you to have your say before making a final decision on what to do next.

In that respect, he is the perfect crisis manager.

6. He pushes you to be better

your introvert lover

Introverts, by their nature, are always thinking about how to make things better and less complicated. If there is a way they can make a straight line even straighter, they would do it.

Your introvert lover would always encourage you to be better at what you do. He most certainly won’t want you to limit yourself and accept mediocrity.

7. Though stubborn, he accepts his mistakes

your introvert lover

One of the advantages of constant introspection is the ability to easily understand when one is wrong.

Your man is quick to accept that he is wrong when you present the facts to him. His ego getting bruised is not a problem for him. He understands all the pitfalls of life and accepts that he doesn’t know everything.

That is the sort of lover he is.

So, as a lady, what has been the experience with your introvert lover? Can you say you are luckier than most of your friends or you would have loved to have a more outgoing lover?

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