5 Men Qualities women desire and craves for

There are a lot of men qualities women desire their  man to possess.  I have found out that some of them are more significant than others and contribute so much to why they are attracted to men.  Among these manly features, these five are most significant.

This is because, I have found them recurring in the majority of man and woman relationship. Lets talk about them one after the other and discuss why they are very significant.

men qualities women desire
men qualities women desire

1. Neat and smart appearance

Neat and smart appearance is one of   the men qualities women desire. Women are attracted to men who have knowledge of appropriate dressing code; men who dresses suitably at every given time. You need to be known with suitable dressing style.

Although, your dressing style will not be appealing to every woman out there but absence of dressing code is definitely unappealing.

Wearing old jeans and shirt to a thanksgiving feast is definitely a wrong dressing code for instance. Same applies to putting on a tuxedo for a garage music band exhibition.

You don’t only need to dress and appear smart always to be attractive to women; you need to be hygienic and well groomed from head to toe. Shower when you need to, tidy up your facial hair and constantly get a nice hair cut from a good barbing salon instead of an amateur deal.

2. Intelligence, attentiveness, sense of direction and personal drive

You must be able to hold intelligent conversations, have sense of direction and goal in life. Your long time goal doesn’t have to be all about your job or making money but include things like plan to get married, father children, and physical fitness among others.

You must have a goal, be passionate about that goal and be committed to achieving that goal to be more attractive to women. Yes, personal drive is one of the men qualities women desire. You must have passion to have your goal achieved is much more attractive to women than the financial outcome of that goal.

Although it may sound implausible, highly valuable women care less about money and much more about your drive. In addition you need to be a bit more thoughtful the likes and cravings of the woman you are seeking after woman if you hope to be attractive to her.

3. Making yourself totally available is among top men features women desire

You will be attracted to a woman of your dream when you are committed enough to be physically, spiritually and emotionally available to her.

Scanning through your phone when chatting with a woman shows you are not completely physically available. It shows lack of concern for her. You definitely would attract her attention because it is not a likely men features women desire in their man. It does not show commitment and is a signal that you have divided attention.

You must also be emotionally available. If you are still battling with the thoughts about your ex-woman, it is better to deal with that first before engaging in a fresh relationship with another woman. Not being emotionally available to your woman is showing her an immediate red flag.

You need to work on your emotions and be very communicative. You need to make yourself fully available emotionally without the distractions of mobiles phones and television programs. Instead make an eye to eye contact with her during your conversations.

It is much more valued by a woman than offering of a gift or present. It makes her feel loved, valued and appreciated.

Additionally, you must be able to satisfy the sexual urge of your woman if you want her to feel the best for you. If you are casual with her and are not deeply committed to satisfying her in bed, you will hardly attract her to yourself for long time relationship but would be turning her off.

4. Sense of Humor and naturalness

Women are attracted to men who are full of fun and men who have good sense of humor. If you are too serious or rigid with life, you’d hardly win the love of worthwhile women. You need to work hard to get this lovely men qualities women desire.

Women love to have fun and if you are able to provide them with the required fun, you are good to go. You also need to be a bit unpredictable to attract a woman of your dream. Give her occasional surprises and her heart will go out irresistibly to you.

5. Men qualities women desire: Leadership Ability 

If you are A man who is naturally a leader, you are definitely blessed with a good men qualities women desire.

Women are particularly attracted to men who have leadership potential; men who have knack to lead others.Those who are perceived to have higher values are more attractive. They live a loving life that inspires and attract people to themselves.

Having leadership potential in this regard does not mean being a power-monger. It does not mean being bossy to your employees or colleagues. What you require as opposed to being bossy is an ability to lead with social skills, kindheartedness, and the show of values that people love.

It is to lead with authority and expressive intelligence that emanates from the strength of your mind.

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