Stress Management Strategies: A Wholistic Approach To Getting through Tough Times.

In this tough economic climate, good stress management strategies are needed more than ever before. This is because a worryingly high chunk of the adult population is now living a life with too much stress.

stress management strategies

In one recent survey, seventy percent of participants agreed that they were suffering from financial stress in particular.

The pace of our modern live coupled with the current financial meltdown could mean this figure doesn’t reflect the real picture. This figure is surely too high and good stress management strategies for all adults should be considered a top priority.

The one thing we all need to be doing during this recession is perform like never before. Adding value to the workplace, businesses, and live right now is the best way to safeguard our mental health.

We can do that, however, without pounding ourselves into submission with a do or die attitude. It is possible to learn new methods, tools, and better stress management strategies to guide us through these choppy waters.

As we attempt to cram more and more into our busy lifestyles, it is fairly common that the state of our mental health is rarely considered. We almost become conditioned to stress and all of the issues that can arise from this state.

The long-term consequence is living a life of too much stress. This should not be treated with levity.

This almost silent menace can at lower levels be causing physical symptoms without most people realizing. From pain of any kind to obesity, depression and even more serious complaints such as heart failure and cancer!

Some Simple Stress Management strategies

1. Exercising consistently

stress management strategies

Good Stress management strategies could be one of the best uses of our time during this financial downturn. It is prudent to always be taking this matter seriously. However many do not.

And at the same time, many try to relieve their stress with behaviour that if anything can compound the issue. Exercise cannot be underestimated as a great way to not only keep fit physically but also mentally.

The timeout we generate from our normal routines could well at present come as much needed in our lives.

There are many inexpensive or even free exercise regimes you could consider. You do not have to join a gym.

If you have a bicycle, that would be an ideal place to start. You can also go for a very energetic walk or run three times a week.

Exercise as a way of tackling stress is particularly beneficial if done first thing in the morning. It stimulates your metabolic rate during the day and increases your mental sharpness for work.

The release of endorphins in your system produces a natural feel-good factor and high. Also, this would be beneficial as it keeps you mentally stable and wards off depression without the use of drugs.

2. Watch what you drink

stress management strategies

This part of your stress management strategies cannot be underestimated. Keeping well hydrated whilst enjoying a varied and balanced healthy diet are also key factors.

Caffeine is known to raise blood pressure; small quantities are acceptable say up to 3 cups a day.

Try not to have decaffeinated drinks after six pm as caffeine may interrupt your sleep patterns. This, in turn, causes fatigue and therefore a circle of more stress and more fatigue.

The consumption of alcohol should also be treated similarly. Many people use it often as a relaxant and a getaway from financial stress and concerns.

But alcohol also acts as a depressant during the tough times. Therefore, it should be treated with some caution and consumed moderately.

3. Taking Good Stress management to the next level

stress management strategies

Once you have implemented the areas discussed above, your stress management strategies can be taken further. There are some really advance good stress management and reduction programs out there that work.

Given the fast pace of life these days, it can be hard to just press the ‘pause’ button for a second to quantify the areas of our lives in most need of attention.

Good stress management and control is one of, if not the most important aspects of your mental health that you could wish to learn.

The positive benefits are endless, from deeper relaxation to better sleep, better relationships and very likely more productivity in life.

If you are financially stressed, it might seem ironic to suggest spending a little time and money to find the best solution for you. However, any investment you make to your stress management and its control can only be money seriously well spent when you begin to reap the rewards.

You may have to invest a little time in researching the good stress management strategies for your requirements and budget. But they do exist and cannot be recommended highly enough.

Making you as stress-proof as may be possible, during these tough economic times, is an attainable goal.

Please do let us know how you manage stress in these hard times. What are your strategies? Do you feel you spend too much time worrying unnecessarily?

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