4 Signs That You Are Spending Too Much Time With A Girl

All the girls that’d crossed my path had some sort of impact on me. Some of our best relationship stemmed from spending too much time with a girl we never planned to be serious with. Life is so unpredictable that some of the greatest love stories start out inauspiciously.

spending too much time with a girl

Spending too much time with a girl is not necessarily a bad thing. However, some situations require you limit how much time is dedicated to hanging out with her. It could be because you are already in a serious relationship. Or perhaps, the simple reason could be because you want to keep things casual for a while.

My point is, spending too much time with a girl without recognizing the signs and dealing with the situation appropriately can lead to dicey scenarios. Scenarios that might escalate to something you are unprepared to handle or are not ready to get into.

So how do you know you are spending too much time with her apart from the obvious one of actually being around her 247? Normally, the signs below are good indicators.

A New Smell Enters your Life

spending too much time with a girlAlmost all of us have a natural body smell. I am talking about the good smell that is a cocktail of the soaps we use to bath and the body and hair creams we use; and of course, our favourite perfumes. These combine to give us a kind of smell that always follows us around like a birthmark.

The warning signs are when you stop noticing her smell. At first, the smell is in your face anytime you see her. But now, you just don’t notice it.

The final confirmation you are spending too much time with her is when a friend or colleague makes a new comment about your new perfume. But you know you’ve not changed your toiletries. Well, all the hugging, cuddling, and wearing your shirts does that.

You get Confused About Home

spending too much time with a girlYour home is your home. And her place is her home or whatever else she chooses to call it. But once you both have to clarify which home a conversation is referring to, you should know you have gone too far for comfort.

This sort of situation arises mostly when you both are arranging a date over the phone and she agrees to meet you at home. If the next question that comes out from your mouth is, ‘Your home or mine?’, then brother, you guys are in some serious affair.

You never ever get confused about home in a conversation unless you are spending too much time with her. I suggest you riffle through your wardrobe asap.

You are sure to find some of her things in there.

You Acquire New Tastes in Food

spending too much time with a girlNormally, I keep away from girls who love junk foods and garlic. So okay, I decided to make an exception with a certain girl because I figured this was going to be a short casual thing.

Fast forwards a few months later, I started to think that faint smell of garlic on her breathe was the best aphrodisiac ever invented. And worst of all, I actually started making regular trips to the nearest supermarket to stock my fridge with the junks she liked eating.

And to cap it all, I ate these foods with relish too. The diagnosis is simple; I am spending too much time with her.

New TV Habits are Signs you are Spending too much time with a Girl

spending too much time with a girlEverybody know I only sit in front of the TV when there is a game of football going on or I need to see the latest blockbuster from Hollywood on a bigger screen than the laptop with friends.

If you are like me and you find yourself discussing the latest Nollywood film, or a new episode of a particular show on Telemondo, brother, you’ve being hanging out too much with her.

Personally, I think it’s disgusting some men watch those programs. But I must confess I found myself watching them with a girl. Not once, many times.

On the flip side, if the girl who was ignorant about sports before, starts discussing why referee Martin Atkinson is better at officiating games than Anthony Taylor, it’s time to take a step back and evaluate your relationship with her.

You guys are spending too much time in each other’s company to continue pretending that things should remain the way they are.

I am not saying spending too much time with a girl is a bad thing though. It is usually a good thing. Because, more often than not, hanging out with a girl keeps us out of a lot of mischief. I should know. I am not saying you can’t get into trouble for spending too much time with a girl , but on a balance, it is the lesser evil.

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