7 Signs that Show you are Ready for Marriage

Marriage they say is not for the feeble neither is it for children. In reality, anyone can get married but how many people are fit to be parents, husbands or wives? It is very easy to declare that you are ready for marriage but do you have what it takes to do so? Now if I may ask, how do you know that you are ready for marriage? Is it because:

  • You see your friends getting married and you suddenly feel it’s now your turn?
  • You cannot curtail the love for your partner anymore and can’t just wait for your status to change?
  • You feel pressurized by members of your family?

All these are the wrong reasons to get married. Now if you are wondering what those unique signs that show you are ready for marriage are, then stay glued to this article.

Signs that Show you are Ready for Marriage

Doing away with self:

When you are single and still searching, I am very sure you put a lot of importance on things that concern you and you’ll do everything you can to ensure that you make yourself happy.

Well, if you now get to that phase in your life where you think more about someone else probably someone you’ve fallen in love with then I think you are on the right path. One thing I have come to realise is that if you love someone deeply, you can do anything for that person sometimes letting go of your personal desires.

All you want is for that person to be happy. If you see yourself engaging in actions that puts the other person first before yourself then know for a fact that you are ready to have a life partner. You will find out that those actions can sometimes not be explained.

Embracing challenges:

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Note that marriage is not all about love, feelings and affections. It’s much more than that and this is the reason why you need serious counselling before walking down the aisle. It is one of the greatest decisions you’ll have to make in life and it does come with challenges.

If you think it’s all going to be rosy then you are in for a shocker. If you have prepared your mind for obstacles and challenges while married then you can better prepare yourself to withstand it.

But if you deny yourself that fact then you are simply not ready for marriage. When you are faced with challenges, will you walk away or try to find a solution to it?

Loving no matter what:

In marriage you have to come to a point where by you love your spouse irrespective of who they are. You love the good, bad and ugly sides of your spouse.

While courting or dating, you’ll definitely notice some behaviours in your partner which you may like or not. Although people tend to fake their true character before marriage but you should notice some things.

Now, if you love that person, you should be ready to accept all aspects of that person whether you like it or not. People do change but it takes time. So, if you see yourself accepting such person for who they are and accommodate their excesses then you are ready for marriage.

You don’t do things in isolation:

If you’re in a relationship and you find yourself involving your partner in everything you do then that is a good sign you are ready for marriage. It shows that you see that person as important in decision making and their opinion matters.

You are spiritually sound:

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In marriage, you consider a lot of things from both the physical and spiritual aspects. Choosing the right partner, settling down and living in peace with that person involves wisdom. You’ll know you are ready for marriage when you are matured in every area of your life. You need spiritual maturity to stand the tests and trials marriage brings.

You feel incomplete:

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Now I am not saying you need a woman or man to survive or that you are less of a man or woman if you have no life partner. But when you start feeling like a part of you is not complete and that you need someone to lean on, someone you can trust and call your own then you are ready for marriage. Feeling incomplete does not mean you want to be a liability to someone else but it’s just an inner yearning to want something more out of life.

You want to raise a family:

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As an individual, you were raised from a family so it’s also not wrong if you want to have your own family. Having a family involves discipline, hard work, patience and lots of love so if you see yourself aching for all these then you are ready for marriage.

How ready are you for marriage? How prepared are you to take that bold step? Which of the signs listed above have you noticed in you?

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