Foods That Get You in the Mood and Increase Drive

Foods That Get You in the Mood and Increase Drive

Certain food can really get you in the mood and make you active when lying on bed with your partner, most of these foods contain what is called Aphrodisiacs which is defined according to Wikipedia as substances like foods, drugs, and scent, that increases sexual desire or get you aroused.

Foods That Get You in the Mood and Increase DriveAlthough scientifically, it is belief that not the foods that is actually doing the mood booster but the state of the mind of the person taking the foods. However, it’s still come down to the fact that these foods are present to even enhance that state of the body and mind  with its powerful impact that help you increase your desire to be active on bed with your partner.

If you want to boost your fertility, improve the urge to meet your partner or increase the lubrication, these food can really set you in the mood and crave for more than you’ll always asked for.


Even from the physical appearance of this fruit, it really looks like testicle and no wonder it sometimes called testicle fruit. Avocado is rich with unsaturated fat and low in saturated one, thus making it good for the heart and the arteries, this will help the heart to beat strongly which will help the blood to circulate well round the body system. Men that find it difficult with heart beating strongly suffered from erectile dysfunction. [Read; The Benefit of What Avocado can do to Your Family]

Avocado is also very rich in vitamin E which helps the body to be able to produce sexual hormone like testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. These hormones circulate in your bloodstream and stimulate sexual responses.


I know lots of people have been brainwashed that egg is not good because of the tendencies to increase cholesterol in their body system, which will only happen if you eat more than is required of you and that too depends on your daily calories need.

Eggs have been a very good source of L-arginine an amino acid, which when the enzymes in your body acted upon the L-arginine will help the body for more production of Nitric oxide (NO) This Nitric oxide is known to contain a dilating effect on the blood vessels and many drugs used to treat impotence work by raising nitric oxide levels. Additionally, some foods and herbs that help increase arousal too work through the same mechanism of Nitric Oxide.


Doubt not the ability of banana to help increase libido especially that of male libido. Banana is a wonderful energy given food, it contain bromelain enzyme which is responsible for boasting manhood. Banana is also rich in B vitamins like riboflavin and potassium that help in the production of testosterone. It is also an aphrodisiac.

Chile Peppers

You may be wondering what has Chile pepper got to do with increasing sexual mood when it will produce some kind of discomfort feeling. Well! The spicy nature of pepper is as a result of the present of chemical irritant called Capsaicin, this capsaicin when taking through the Chile pepper increase the heart rate, breathing, sweating as well as blood flow. These feelings or responses are the same feeling you get when you’re getting arouse for action. Surely your blood will get pumping and get well circulated through all your body system well Chile pepper is taken.

So, if you discover that your bed mood is nose-diving due to various activities that stressed you, you can take a look at the foods mention above to help you increase your mood and make you active when you’re with her in your bedroom.

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  1. Akaahan Terungwa

    Hello Tony,

    This article of yours is properly researched and presents information that many men out there will willingly pay for. This is because, of late, ‘getting in the mood’ is becoming a daily nightmare for the vast majority of men.

    The fact that all the ‘remedies’ are a hundred percent natural is an added plus!

    Do have a supercharged day, Tony.

    – Terungwa

    1. Thanks Terungwa, I really appreciate your comment here once again because it gives me joy to continue doing the good work that will benefit all men relationship wise.

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