The Kind of Women Guys Don’t Need For Long Term Relationship

The Kind of Women Guys Don’t Need For Long Term Relationship

If you’re a guy that is looking for girl to date, or if you’re just at the beginning of your new relationship with a hot or cute girl, you need to read this post to the end of it.

Why? Because I have a discovery about women in general, my discovery will help you only if you listen and act on what you’re going to read in this post here and now.

The Kind of Women Guys Don’t Need For Long Term Relationship If you’re in that relationship and it is not too long you started, you may have asked this question from your woman; that how many guys has she dated before you?

If you’re just about going into relationship, this is an important question you need to get the answer from the girl you too so much effort before getting to agree to date you.

I just hope girls don’t read this that I want to share with you here today. If any girl read it, and she’s affected by this revelation, she will not be sincere with her new boyfriend that will ask her, how many guys she has dated in the past.

So, here it is, it is better to date a girl with low count partner than the one that has dated many guys. Don’t stop here, I will share with you right now, the very solid reason why you should consider this very seriously as you’re about going into new relationship.

Let me tell you this first, with every new guy a girl date, the chances of her cheating on her future men increases.

Girls or women you may want to call them, that have high partner count, will start running into emotional bonding problem with future men that comes into her life. Huh! Wait let me land before the full surprise.

When a woman sleep with a man, her body is flooded with hormone called oxytocin, what this hormone tells her is to form solid bond with the man she slept with, so as to build a strong foundation for bring children into life.

 But when this same woman, sleep with more men like 10, 20, 30? Haaa! You better don’t bother thinking about having a long term relationship with her that can lead to marriage. I’m not saying it cannot happen, but you will be lucky to have it in your life.

So, when she has slept with many men, her ability to form strong bond with a particular man has been severely damaged.

Hold on to the girl with low partner count, if you find her attractively good enough for a wife. She will be loyal to you because the hormone oxytocin is still active in her and she can form solid bond with you. If you know how to handle her in bed, it will even be much easier for her to quickly forget the few men she has met in her life before meeting you and hold on to you strongly.

That is my message for you, an interesting revelation that you should not joke with. I know you will have your own opinion, feel free to make contribution using the comment box below and don’t forget, if you find this article interestingly good enough, please share it by using any of the social media icons below. Cheer!

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