Seduce With Scent, Make Your Scent Seductive

Seduce Everyone Around You With Your Scent.

The word seduction here means attraction. Most people are totally unaware of the impact that smells can have on their mood, ability to learn, stamina, perception of themselves and others, and ultimately, their behavior and motivation.

How you smell is a key element in the art of seduction. According to studies, what we smell causes a lasting effect on our minds which plays a part in our experiences and memories. Do you have a signature scent?

Seduce with scent

Perfume was first created by the Egyptians who carried a fragrance from the time they are born until they died. Historical seductress, Cleopatra, use to wear perfume on her lips so that when she kissed her lovers her smell would linger on them.

As time went on, mainly rich people wore perfume due to the expensive oils they were made from. In the 1900s, it was Francois Coty who decided to make perfume with synthetics so that they would be affordable for everyone.

As you are picking a perfume think about what you would like to allude. Look for a perfume that makes a statement. Visit to find something that fits your personality. Instead of getting what everyone else is wearing, make it a point to find an unknown fragrance.

Everyday a new perfume hits the market, be one of the first ones to wear it. Also try oil based perfumes which are making a huge comeback. They may cost a little bit more, but they are better for your skin, last much longer, and become unique to people’s body chemistry.

Let your scent be a way to seduce everyone around you. Be known for leaving a smell in the air that makes everyone think “oh lah lah”. Be sure to change your scent to go with your mood; don’t limit yourself to wearing the same scent all the time.

In the day maybe you can wear a light clean fresh smell, which is great for the workplace.

At night your fragrance can be mysterious, rich in floral notes or musk to give off the smell of a bombshell.

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6 thoughts on “Seduce With Scent, Make Your Scent Seductive”

  1. I love your post Anthony, it is great. I totally agree that scents attracts a man and seduces him depending on the scent the girl is wearing. But one of the first things that will catch up a man’s attention is the genuine smile that the girl would make, their confidence, and a lot more things that will seducing a man.

  2. Great post Anthony.

    Ladies should try to imbibe good manners and a humble spirit. Nothing attract and seduces like a woman whose humility and truthfulness shines for the every where she goes.

    No man will be able to resist her.

    I believe the best attraction trigger is her inner scent- her manners, grace, poise,character.

    Add to that a great fragrance and scent, she becomes a hit any day anytime.

    Keep it up

  3. Great Article Anthony! Scent is something that most people overlook but it’s a powerful tool one can use for attraction.

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