4 Ways To Survive Valentine’s Day Blues When You Are Single

I bet many of you had a nice day yesterday being Valentine’s Day. But for those who are single and searching, I have just one question for you, ‘How did you survive Valentine’s Day blues?

survive Valentine's day blues

For those who don’t know, Valentine’s Day blues is what happens to you when you don’t have a lover to spend the day with. It is even worse when all you friends are hooked up. Leaving you all alone to ponder the mystery of the universe or some deep philosophical idea.

I am going to tell you how I survived Valentine’s Day blues. Yes, this is my own way of saying my girl was not around. So I was all alone.

I guess my tips on how to survive Valentine’s Day blues is a little belated by 24 hours. But hey, you can use it in the future. Besides, I couldn’t write about this because I had to make sure what I did was able to get me over the fact my girlfriend traveled at this time

Okay, the good news is that it worked pretty well actually.

So when next you find yourself single and lonely and close to the 14th of February, you might to do well remember these tips. They are just the things you need to get through that day without falling into a minor depression.

Ways to survive Valentine’s Day blues

survive Valentine's day blues

Surprisingly, it wasn’t to difficult to do it. The bottom line is, you must not drag your feet all day thinking about how bad your life turned out just because you are alone on Valentine’s Day.

The all encompassing trick to survive Valentine’s Day blues is this: get busy.

Now, the whole idea is to make sure your mind is occupied doing stuff you love. The next question then is, ‘What is there to be very busy about when all my friends are having fun?

Stay with me while I tell you what worked for me and, I am sure, millions of people around the world.

Make somebody happy

survive Valentine's day blues

Many people have the wrong notion that Valentine’s Day is about two people in a romantic relationship. That is not true.

Valentine’s Day is actually about showing love to just about all the people close to you; not just your lover.

When your significant other is not around or if you are single, this is an opportunity to show people how selfless you are when it comes to spreading the love.

So you can pick on just about anybody you know and show them a little love. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate like buying them a gift.

Spending time with them and getting to know them would be enough. So that family member or friend you haven’t seen in a while is a good candidate to help you survive Valentine’s Day blues.

Give yourself a treat

survive Valentine's day blues

Now that is the one I love the most. It is selfish in a way. But hey, you only live once right?

The idea is to meticulously plan ahead. You can book a seat for yourself at the cinema or at one of the numerous Valentine’s Day shows around town.

You can even buy yourself a gift. Buy drinks and just enjoy the day in front of you TV or laptop watching some awesome movies.

Hang out with your buddies

survive Valentine's day blues

It would be a bad idea to hang out with just any friend. You have to scour your friend’s list to see who is single on Valentine’s Day just like you.

I mean, except you love inflicting pain on yourself, it would be a terrible idea to hook up with friends who already have partners.

If you put your mind to it, you would discover you have many friends in the same situation as you: single, bored and dying for ways to survive Valentine’s Day blues.

You would be surprised at the fun you would have just being with buddies determined to have have fun.

Bury yourself in work

survive Valentine's day blues

Incidentally, yesterday was a work week, which meant most people had little time to concentrate on what to do for their lovers.

However, by the end of the work day in the evening, celebrating Valentine’s Day did go into full swing. What you should do is to take on more work than normal. Put in extra hours.

At least, you would be making money in over time while obliterating all the blues associated with being single on Valentine’s Day.

Even if you don’t get paid for the extra hours, working harder would give you time to learn new things and have more time for yourself the next day since you’d likely have less work to do, right?

So you see, it is really easy to survive Valentine’s Day blues. Just occupy your mind with other stuff and before you know it, the day is already over.

As for me, the sequence was this, I got really busy working. Later, I called up a few friends to meet up with them. Before that though, I hung out with a cousin I had not seen in a while.

After leaving my cousin, I went to see these friends. All of them single and free just like me. I really enjoyed what turned out to be an interesting guy’s round table.

Finally, I went home to my waiting movies and the drink I bought a few days ago. It was a full day for me.

So, how did you enjoy your day yesterday? Were you busy at work until you had to find ways to survive Valentine’s Day blues like me? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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