Your Romantic Relationship Will End If You Continue To Over-Analysing

Your Romantic Relationship Will End If You Continue To Over-Analysing

While it is always good to think about your relationship and monitor how it’s progressing, over-analysing it will lead the relationship to nowhere other than putting an end to it.

When you show too much concern to all and every acts and words coming out from your partner, when you want to know everything happening around him or her, making you sink deeper in thinking and analysing every detail that come your way. You’ll be gradually building up a barrier within yourself that will prevent your relationship to foster.

Your Romantic Relationship Will End If You Continue To Over-AnalysingBeing aware of what is happening in your relationship is a good development on which your relationship will flourish, on the other hand, thinking that you want to know and be aware of all that is happening to your partner will lead you to analyse every of your partner’s movement, which in other word, you’re over-analysing it.

And over-analysing it will lead to miscommunication, lack of trust, hard feelings and eventually break up when you can no longer take it.

There is no place in your heart anymore to endure it further, the heart-ache has become unbearable and the only option left to save yourself from such pain is to end the relationship.

But then, how will you be sure, you’ll not going to repeat the same thing when you go into another relationship?

The best thing for you to do is to stop over-analysing your relationship which is not going to go away immediately. You’ll have to put in lots of work to overcome it.

Now, the question is; how will you be sure you’re over-analysing your relationship?

If you’re guilty of any of the reasons below, you’re over-analysing your relationship.

1. If you begin to read meaning to your partner text to you as not being himself

It easy to get lost in one thought while sending text messages, it is also easy to think faster than you type text on your phone, thereby skipping words that give the messages different meaning. If you start thinking about all of these, as being distracted by something else when you’re supposed to be the solely focused on that particular time, and even going weird with your thought of your partner being with another woman or man as the case maybe. You’re over-analysing thing.

2. If you turn yourself to your partner’s social media account detective

The truth is that, many loves to check on their partner’s social media account especially Facebook account which is not too bad, but trying to see, monitoring his conversation with everyone your partner comes across. Trying to know why some certain people always like your partner’s update or comments, especially if they are of the opposite sex.  If you’re guilty of this, you’re taking it too far, and you’ll have no rest whenever any of those close Facebook friends to your partner likes his/her statues, commented after he made a post about “what’s on your mind” according to the way Facebook ask the question.

3. You begin to react harshly because your partner do not keeps to time promise to see you.

Perhaps your partner could not keep to the time he promise to text or call you, or if he tells you, he’ll be home by this so so and so time but fail to be home at that particular time and even in 15 minutes extra. And then you just jump into negative conclusion, he’s probably seeing another woman apart from you and that could account for why he has not call, text or be at home.

The fact is that, every person may likely think about this, but there is a way to discuss this properly without sinking yourself into deeper negative thought that will hurt your relationship. It may have happened more than once, but certain thing can keep someone out of time and before it comes to mind, it is too late or almost late.

Individual incidents should be met with understanding, it is only when you sit down with them to discuss things that you’ll know what’s really happening. Everyone has days that do not go well as planned and there is nothing anyone can do about it to reverse the day.

Discussion is all it need but not endless questions and suspicion that will wreck your relationship.

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