How to be in Good Standing with your In-laws before and after your Wedding

Most of the time, when people get married they think all they should be concerned about is their spouse but often times, this is not so. One thing you must realise is that there are also other people you need to take into consideration when going into a union with someone.

Are you engaged and wondering how you will relate with your soon to be in-laws?

Do you have insecurities concerning them?

I believe your answers would be “yes,” having such feelings is absolutely normal. As a bride, you would want your in-laws to accept you wholeheartedly and as a groom, you would equally want the same. Bear it in mind that in as much as you want to be accepted by the entire family before the wedding, you would also want to have a continuous and smooth relationship with them afterwards.

This write up would reveal to you some unique ways you can relate well with your in-laws.

How to be in Good Standing with your In-laws:

Be respectful:

How to be in Good Standing with your In-laws before and after your Wedding (2)

In most cultures and traditions today, respect is of the essence. So as a soon to be bride and groom, you need to know this as it goes a long way in determining how far your relationship with your inlaws would be. Before the wedding, they need to know who you are and your personality. It is, therefore, those traits they notice that will make them accept you. Even after your wedding day, you’ll still be watched so do not be a hypocrite like some people do but learn to respect your spouse’s family members. Remember that if you say you love your spouse, then you should also love his family.

Show concern:

How to be in Good Standing with your In-laws before and after your Wedding

It is true that some in-laws can be hard to please but if you find yourself amidst such type of in-laws, I will advise you do your best to be in good standing with them. There’s actually a limit to how far you can go to please them but show concern as much as you can. Even after you get married, do not forget about them completely but reach out to them from time to time. Call them once in a while, send text messages and occasionally pay them visits; they should appreciate you for that.

Be open minded:

Someone once said, “the fear of in-laws is the beginning of wisdom.” Leaving the home of your parents to be with someone new is an act of courage and not knowing what to expect from the in-laws who would soon be your family can be scary. Just have an open mind and expect the best from them. Do your bit, be alert and be optimistic.

Share in their joys:

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How can you do this? Celebrate with them if it is their birthday, naming ceremony or any event. If they achieve any milestone like a promotion, winning a contract or completing a project, rejoice with them so they know you see them as a part of you.

Do not isolate yourself from them:

No matter how bad your in-laws may be, do not completely isolate yourself from them. Apply wisdom when dealing with them because the truth is that people easily jump to conclusions so be smart so they don’t tag you as being a snob.

Pray for them:

How to be in Good Standing with your In-laws before and after your Wedding

You will be an in law someday so I believe you would want to be treated well, right? So pray for them even before you get married, it does work.

To be in good standing with your in-laws takes patience, perseverance, faith and love. It does not start and end on the same day; it is a process so just enjoy it, learn from it and live your life.

Have you learned one or two lessons from this article, do share with us. We would love to hear from you…



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