Why Are You Still Single? 10 Reasons

When other people ask you why you are still single it may irritate you because whether consciously or subconsciously they try to step over the threshold of your personal territory and invade your privacy. Besides, from a lot of people’s point of view being single is weird, unnatural or even reprehensible.

Why Are You Still SingleIt’s your own business why you aren’t married and you have the full right to remind about that to those who are tactless enough to ask questions like that. Nevertheless, deep in your soul you may seek for the answer to this question too. So let’s talk privately and try to find out the reason of your being single.

1. This is your deliberate choice

Nowadays a lot of people prefer staying single because they feel more comfortable that way. It was unheard of even approximately ten years ago but today it’s a widespread tendency. There’s no use in deepening into the reasons of this tendency because they seem to be individual in every particular case. But it’s in people’s nature to change their point of view from time to time and may be you should visit ukrainian dating online to change yours.

2. You know what you want

You might be single because you are pretty sure who exactly you are looking for. You have your own standards and you expect your perfect match to meet your expectations. You are not going to settle for second best because you know that sooner or later your dissatisfaction will lead to a breakup.

3. You overestimate yourself

The reason why you are still single might be in the fact that you overestimate yourself and even if you get acquainted with the person who totally meets your criteria you think that you deserve better. Your better choice can really be waiting for you somewhere ahead but acting that way you risk leaving it somewhere behind.

4. You don’t care about other people’s opinion

You are very confident and other people’s opinion doesn’t matter to you. You might stay single because you want to resist the pressure of public opinion and to demonstrate them that it’s your own business how to live your life and they shouldn’t poke into it.

5. You are afraid of responsibility

In your everyday life and at work you can be a very reliable person. But responsibility at work and responsibility for your family can not be compared. Doing your job you can count on other employees whose duties are the same as yours. But your family is your sole responsibility.

6. You don’t want to have children

Not every person thinks that being a parent is the main aim of their existence. Today a great many people prefer to live for themselves and avoid starting a family. But reluctance to have children doesn’t exclude being in a relationship. So if it’s the reason why you aren’t married then may be you should find someone who shares your point of view and stop being single.

7. You are an independent career woman

You spend all your time at work and steadily go up the career ladder. Then not surprisingly you are still single. In that case you have to consider the situation and get your priorities right. What will be of high or low priority is up to you.

8. Financial instability

Financial problems can also be the explanation of the fact why you aren’t in relationship. Having a family leads to constant expenses which is impossible if you are unemployed or under threat of being laid off.

9. Fear of competition

Some people are so afraid of competition that they would rather stay single than struggle for the person they like. Such people give up at once without making the least attempts to develop a relationship. They are sure that there’s always someone who is younger, more attractive and more intelligent than they are. That way they see no point in taking the first step. And this is their biggest mistake.

10. You believe that all the good ones are taken

There is a delusion that if you are over 30 all descent men are already married. Such an opinion doesn’t reflect contemporary reality. Nowadays most people develop their career, gain financial independence, solve accommodation problems and only after that get married. So you have all the chances to find your perfect match.

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