6 Things Lovers Expect on Valentine Day

While valentine day lurks around the corner, so many thoughts and questions arise in people’s minds.

So many people wonder what this day holds for them as it draws nearer and I am sure you are thinking the same for yourself.

We often hear things like “what will he buy for me?” “where will he take me to?” ” how will she look today?” “will she like my surprise?”

Valentine day is a day celebrated all over the world by people but most especially by lovers.

It would amuse you to know that a lot of excitement accompanies this special day and lovers look forward to it.

Some lovers take this day to be like every other day but you are mistaken because on the mind of your partner, this is not so.

In order not to be taken unawares on that day, it’s best you know what is expected of you on that day.

While you wonder what the big fuss is about valentine day, let me enlighten you on some of those things lovers expect on that day.

To be showered with gifts:

6 Things Lovers Expect on Valentine Day

Anyone in a relationship would surely expect his or her spouse to buy gifts for them in order to show how much you mean to them.

A valentine day won’t be complete without this especially to those who cherish such a day.

To express your love to him or her:

On valentine day, lovers look forward to hearing sweet and lovely words from their partner and vice versa.

To him or her, it is a day set aside for lovers to express how they feel about each other and so be rest assure that your partner expects this from you.

On this special day, your partner wants to hear things like ‘I love you,’ ‘you mean the world to me,’ ‘love is you’ and so on.

Even though your partner has heard those things before, saying it on that day would seem like they have never heard it before.

So indulge your partner by uttering them.

To be pampered:

Whether you like it or not, on Valentine day, your partner expects to be pampered by you.

It doesn’t matter if you are busy or not but out of your busy schedule, find time for your partner on this day.

On valentine day, your partner wants to be treated like a king or queen.

To be given a special treatment:

6 Things Lovers Expect on Valentine Day

What special thing will you do for your lover on valentine day? If you have nothing unique in mind, have a rethink.

This is because your lover is expecting something special and nice from you.

While there are lovely surprises you can give your partner, ensure the one you give him or her is a memorable and unforgettable one.

To spend the day with him or her:

Know for a fact that some lovers would want their partners to spend the whole day with them on valentine’s day.

To them it is an indication that they are loved and appreciated.

So do not be surprised if this is what your partner expects from you on this day.

To publicise your love for them:

One thing lovers expect on valentine day is for their partner to let family and friends know  how important you are.

They will expect you to put up their picture on your display page or profile picture and also upload pictures of both of you celebrating love together.

Your partner will also want you to say something romantic about him or her so people can read up and make comments.

Doing this on social media will make your partner so happy and you would have just made the day for him or her.

All of these are just ways of letting you now that your partner expects a lot from you on valentine’s day.

So be prepared so you can meet the expectation of your lover on this day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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