Should I always Tell My Lover the Truth? 6 Things to Know About Being Too Honest In your Relationship

In conversations these days, I often hear ladies say “I tell him everything; I can’t hide anything from my boyfriend.” At other times, I hear guys say “I do not tell my girlfriend everything; I deliberately mind what I tell her.”

How honest should one be in a relationship and how much truth should couples reveal to each other when they are dating?

Some couples tell each other everything which in some cases is good while for some, it comes back to haunt them. So the question to ask is that should being too honest in your relationship be the right thing to do?

Here are some reasons being too honest in your relationship is not the best for you.

It breaks trust:

6 Things to Know About Being Too Honest In your Relationship

This sounds ironic but it is true. It is not bad to always want to tell your partner the truth at all times but there is also a disadvantage to this.

From experience I have discovered that revealing too much of something or yourself puts one at a disadvantage.

To you, you are being open with your partner but to him or her, an iota of doubt has been placed in the heart.

I am not saying you should lie to your partner but being diplomatic in the way you say the truth is key.

It can destroy your relationship:

Sometimes being too honest in your relationship can make your partner keep you at arms length.

This is because certain things you may say to him or her might scare them away after hearing the truth.

Sometimes it takes a mature mind to accept the truth for what it really is and not to react negatively to it so it actually depends on the type of mindset your partner has.

It can emotionally wreck your partner:

6 Things to Know About Being Too Honest In your Relationship

A couple who just started dating decided to go memory lane and reveal the number of people they had each been intimate with.

The lady in question felt it was a good thing to open up to her partner and so she revealed to him the number of men she had intimacy with.

On hearing this, he broke down and wept like a baby because what he heard was not what he expected to hear.

But one would think he would be glad that she spoke the truth to him having convinced her to but it took another turn as it affected him emotionally.

For months he was devastated and felt she would do the same to him an leave him.

This is one of the after effects of being too honest in your relationship.

It makes you look weak:

When you always feel the need to be too honest to your partner, it makes you seem as if you do not trust yourself enough.

If you are a trustworthy person, there is no reason to always want to prove yourself. Your actions should speak for you.

You can be easily manipulated:

Being too honest in your relationship can make your partner take advantage of you.

If he or she realises that you go above and beyond when admitting the truth, they can use that against you when you least expect it.

It may make your partner always lie to you:

Sometimes honesty should not be so well expressed to some people.

You may be very honest while your partner would be the opposite. To him or her, you can never lie to them but to them, you will believe anything they tell you.

It is very easy to assume that since you are honest, your partner will be too.

The tips above are enough reasons why you should not be too honest with your partner. It is good to tell the truth but use your discretion when voicing it out and know that this has led to break ups in relationships today.

Tell the truth but be wise about it.


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