5 Ways you can stylishly withdraw from a relationship

I admit that there are times one gets tired of a relationship probably out of no fault of theirs. Now the questions to ask are how do you go about this without hurting the other person’s feelings? What words do you use? In what way do you say those words?

How are you sure the approach you decide to use will go well with the other person?

There are lots of reasons people get fed up of a relationship but when this happens, how do you stylishly withdraw from a relationship?

Break up is sometimes not an easy thing for some people to handle so in what way can you be free from that relationship without much hassle?

Find below some useful suggestions:

Limit communication:

From experience, this works pretty well so to stylishly withdraw from a relationship, reduce the way you communicate with the other person.

If you gradually limit how you communicate with him or her, it will make it a lot easier to withdraw.

There is something about affection and the manner in which it is handled which determines to a large extent the outcome of any relationship.

If your partner sees less of you and does not hear from you as frequent as he or she used to then they may suspect that something is wrong and may or may not get the message.

But I believe if all this happen, it might make it easy for him or her to eventually let you go.

Show less affection:

5 Ways you can stylishly withdraw from a relationship

If you feel you need to stylishly withdraw from a relationship, then that means you no longer want to be in that relationship. One thing you can do is to show less affection towards the other person.

Normally showing affection in a relationship means you care a lot about the other person so if you show less affection or act like you do not care as much as you used to then you may just be on your way to withdrawing from that relationship.

You can move from showing less affection to showing no affection. It’s just a matter of time.

Give hints:

5 Ways you can stylishly withdraw from a relationship

To stylishly withdraw from a relationship, you might need to chip it in when conversing by giving hints. If the other person is smart enough he or she should be able to deduce that you want out of that relationship.

Do you know that there are certain ways of driving home your point without quarrelling or fighting about it?

Chipping it in during a conversation might make it easier to talk about it.

Joke about it:

There are jokes and there are jokes and I believe that one way to stylishly withdraw from a relationship is to make a joke about it.

There is a way a joke can turn into something serious. If you crack a joke about it and he or she doesn’t quickly understand, you can choose to do so again in order to show the other person you mean business.

Invite the person out:

I don’t believe in someone else doing this for you and to show maturity, you need to do it yourself.

Since you know you are breaking up with that person, its best you take him or her to a nice but quiet place where you both can talk.

There is nothing as important as being open and sincere about something so this would be the best way to stylishly withdraw from a relationship.

By inviting the person out, you are showing him or her that they are important to you and this is why you have decided to go about it this way.

If you find yourself in such a situation where you do not know what steps to take to stylishly withdraw from a relationship, I trust that the suggestions in this article should give you a hint on what you can do.

In what other ways do you think you can stylishly withdraw from a relationship?

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