5 Reasons You Need A Woman In Your Life To Function Optimally

At a point in your life, you must’ve wondered why you need a woman in your life. A good guess would be your girlfriend just made you extremely miserable; so you had to ask what was the point of her in the first place.


you need a woman

As far as that question goes, you are not alone. Men have asked themselves that question again and again. On the basis of that, many have vowed never to have anything to do with the ladies again.

That said, they still go back willingly to the ladies. It could be psychological or biological or both. But the fact men need women is as certain as the sunset every day.

For you though, that still doesn’t answer the question of why you need a woman in your life. Would it make it any better to tell you all men are cursed by that need?

No, it won’t I guess. And to make it worse, nobody has found a way to lift this so called curse.

Maybe understanding why you need a woman can help you accept the situation the way it is. Many of us have gone through that phase. We are now living with the knowledge that women are intrinsically important to us.

Read on to see the reasons you need to have a lady in your life.

1. She would add zip to your life

you need a woman

Have you ever noticed how the presence of a woman changes the mood in a room full of men?

Here is the scenario: About a dozen or more men are sitting in a room boring each other to death. They are all probably thinking about being somewhere else.

A lady enters the room, they all perk up instantly They start behaving as if they are now on speed drugs. This is because her presence somehow just made the world more colorful.

That is what you get when you have a girl in your life. Her presence taps into reserves of energy you never knew you had. They make you feel like superman without the ridiculous costume.

Your ego gets the needed boost

you need a woman

This is closely linked with the first point. As a result of adding colors to your world, your essential self, the ego, gets a boost from the presence of a woman in your life.

Though the ego gets a bad rap most times, it is important for all men. A man without the necessary ego is like a car without an engine.

And of course, we all know the best cars have the bigger engines.

The confidante for all time

you need a woman

Aside from your best friend, your woman is the one you tell everything to. The closer both of you are, the easier it is to depend on her.

In life, every man needs a person to whom they can unburden their hearts to. The burdened mind is highly unstable and can lead to mental and other health issues like high blood pressure.

With a woman whom you trust in your life, sharing your problems won’t be a problem. It is not like she’ll have solutions for you. But just talking to her and discussing it can give you clarity on what needs to be done with a better perspective too.

I know of many men who have finally accepted the fact their woman is their best friend. That too happens and it is normal.

Your woman might end up supplanting your friend as best friend.

Your best organizer

you need a woman

Though men like making jokes about how fickle women can be, we know for sure they are better organized than us.

One of the first things you’d noticed when a woman gets into your life is how easier your life is.

She would take charge of the domestic chores for the simple reason you are incompetent in managing a house. She’ll streamline your activities because you can’t multi-task as much as her.

That is why a bachelor’s life and apartment begins to look a whole lot better once a girl comes into his life. She makes sure every aspect of his life is better than before.

The biology of it all

you need a woman

Biological, man has needs that must be satisfied. Young men in their prime understand that there is nothing better than an intimate moment in the room with the girl you love.

Nothing beats that feeling.

It is not surprising that some men would do anything not to lose what gives that feeling. Even if the girl makes you very miserable from time to time, you’d consider that a small price to pay.

To put it another way: just assume your biological needs are things you were born with. And only the woman you love can fully satisfy those needs.

Some men commit crimes out of frustration of lacking a woman to satisfy them. The most common are rape of course. Other men express that frustration in aggressive behavior towards other people.

So be thankful you have a woman in your life that loves you and quit asking yourself why you need a woman in your life.

That is the way nature wanted it to be. And the benefits are not bad, are they?

Tell us what you think. What are your thoughts on why you need a woman in your life? Or do you feel only weak men can’t overcome that need for a woman?

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