How To Earn Her Attraction And Retain Her Respect And Interest In You

It is easy to earn her attraction and retain the respect and interest she has for you if you understand how women think and you don’t behave like a WUSS.

As contained in my previous post, you should not buy her any gift if your place in her life is yet to be confirmed. And more importantly, don’t miss chivalry with bribery because you’ll not like the end result. [Please read more about: Why You Should Never Buy Her Any Gift If You Want to Win Her]

How To Earn Her Attraction And Retain Her Respect And Interest In YouIf at all, you want to buy her something, do it with an authentic expression of exactly who you are and not because you want to use it and manipulate her. Make sure you know her well that she deserves it because of her effort.

I will recommend you to do the following if you really want to earn her attraction and retain her respect and interest in you

  • Don’t start off any relationship with an offer to buy any woman any kind of drink, no matter the condition surrounding that place. If you do, just know that is the beginning of the end of the relationship you’re about going into.
  • No matter how much she wants something from you, never give in and go ahead and get it for her. She might be whining at you and want to force you to get it for her, don’t just give in, if you give in, it will kill her respect as well as her attraction for you because she’s gaining control at that level when the relationship has not even started really. You know women love men that take control but not the ones that they can control.
  • If you go on a date, don’t pay for the date all the time, don’t even feel obligated to always want to pick her up for the date. Ensure the payment is shared, you pay for some and let her too pay for some, that is the commitment on her part too, if she’s not willing to do that, you just have to beware of what she is up to. Instead of even going for a date all the time, you can go for a Dutch treat.
  • Don’t be too nice to her all the time, your niceness should be occasionally and when done expect her to return it with another good gesture from her. A relationship is not like a business where you’re expecting to get more out of what you’ve invested and also it is not about one person doing all the work without the effort of the second person involves in the relationship.

These few bulleted recommendations above is to ensure she does not lose her attraction for you, and at the same time, you’ll be able to earn her respect and interest.

Remember that, women will not be attracted to you unless they respect you as a man.

Please note that respecting you doesn’t mean you have to be tough on her but rather you being in control and calm.

 I’m sure by now; you will not make the mistake of giving her the chance to lose respect for you in the name of you being nice. Nice guy doesn’t have their way with women most time but that doesn’t mean you should be cruel.

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