How To Differentiate Between A Date Or Just Hanging Out

How To Differentiate Between A Date Or Just Hanging Out

When a guy wants to take you out, it is either for a date or he just wants to hang out with you. Both date and hang out has different purpose even though both of them can sometimes be intertwines. There is more emotional involvement when going out on a date but when hanging out, it is more of social outing where both of you are just free to explore your surrounding through communication, laughter, and teasing each other without emotional involvement.

How To Differentiate Between A Date Or Just Handing OutBut sometimes, you may be confused about what is the intention of your friend as he is taking you out. You’re not sure if it is for a date or just to hang out, so as to prepare your mind for the best of it. Here in this post today, you’re going to use these signs to read the mind of your friend that is taking you out, to determine if it is a date or just hanging out without asking him.

1. Is your friend nervous?

If you find out that your friend is feeling some kind of nervousness, fidgeting and feeling awkward than you know him. The chance that it is a date is very much higher. Why? Because being nervous and fidgeting before a friend mean there are emotional involvements in that interaction with you.

2. How is your friend dressing for the outing?

If your friend dresses is looking more shining than the regular hanging out clothes, there is probability that he’s trying to impress you and what that mean is that, he has more than just hanging out in his mind, he want you for a date.

3. Is interview settings coming in?

If your friend like you and ask you for just hanging out and when you go out, it turns to be the kind of questions and answers segment, he wants to know nearly everything about you. Just be sure, it is not hanging out as he called it but a date. Hanging out should be free flowing questions from different area of life but when the question is focusing on you, definitely it is a date.

4. Touchy than usual

If your friend really likes you for a date, there is no way he can actually hold himself back. There will be more touching than usual, even if there is no reason at all why he should touch you. He just can’t control it because subconsciously he has been connected to you for a date even though he calls it just a hand out.

5. Complimenting on personality

Yes your friend can compliment you but when the complimenting is getting to your personality and too much on your appearance with even a follow up awkward silence, it is beyond hanging out; it is a date that is in his mind.

6. When your conversion neglect every other things else except both of you

If what both of your are discussing about doesn’t base majorly on you both, that’s you talk about work place happenings, surroundings, and your neighbors, it is probably hand out but if the conversation is solely focus on both of you, you’re on a date not hang out.

So, why is the idea of bringing out differentiating between hanging out and a date? This is to help you prepare your mind about what you too really want, instead of just hanging around without deciding on what you want and allow your friend to put you in a situation where you don’t want to find yourself at that particular time.

It is always good to get yourself prepare for any situation when it comes to dating and relationship.

Have you ever been asked for a hang out that turn dating? If yes, please feel free to share your experience with us using the comment box below and don’t forget to help share this post using any of the social media icons below.

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