10 Signs Your Partner is Cheating On You

10 Signs Your Partner is Cheating On You

Most relationships are good ones. Even if they eventually fade or fizzle out, the problems that they create are ones that don’t require much advanced thought or reflection. Arguments are had, personalities clash and people grow apart. Sometimes, though, a relationship is fractured by one of the cruelest and devastating sins: infidelity.

If you’re afraid that a partner is cheating on you, it’s important to not react too fast. Instead, assess the situation. Think about these 10 signs and if there are more than three you can apply to your own situation, it’s possible that your partner is being unfaithful.Signs Your Partner is Cheating On You

They aren’t reacting like they usually do.

This can be summed up in a few words: something isn’t right. You may be laughed at by friends for expressing concern, but sometimes your gut instinct is alerting you to something that you aren’t fully aware of yet. When your partner begins to act differently and it feels like something is off, the reality may be that something really is amiss.

Their moods are erratic.

With cheating comes paranoia and guilt. As many cheaters can attest, while sneaking around can bring about a sense of passion and excitement, the negative emotional side effects can take their toll. This often leads to lashing out and mood swings. Partners who cheat can snap at the smallest hint of an accusation while simultaneously going out of their way to be loving and affectionate to quell suspicions.

Their appearance may shift.

Many relationships reach a point where two partners are comfortable enough to not look like a 10 all the time. Makeup is left off, weight is gained, legs and faces go unshaved. However, a cheating partner can’t display this kind of appearance to someone they have on the side. If a partner suddenly puts more effort into their appearance for no reason, it may be a sign of infidelity.

Their tastes change.

This is a sign that can sometimes be reaching. Have you ever noticed that your partner has a sudden affinity for a new kind of music or food that they didn’t like before? Press gently – “so how’d you get into jazz?” “Who made you try Thai food?” See how they answer – it might be that the person they’re cheating with introduced them to this new hobby or taste.

Their privacy needs spike.

It’s normal that a person needs their privacy, especially in a relationship. Couples that don’t put these kinds of boundaries in place don’t survive very long as either party might fear they’re losing a sense of security and individuality. Those that cheat, however, feel their privacy is threatened almost constantly. It’s one thing if a partner is concerned because you’re overstepping your boundaries, but another if their need for privacy is sudden and constant.

Their memory seemingly falters.

It can be hard to lead a double life. When someone is cheating, this is effectively what they are doing – and sometimes these wires get crossed. It can be hard to keep all the dates and activities straight, which can lead to mishaps with memory. Cheating partners are often forgetful and may attribute something about a partner to the person they’re cheating with, as well as vice versa. This kind of blurring isn’t uncommon. It may not be directly telling, but take note of any lapses in memory or confusion your partner exhibits.

Sexual habits change or increase.

This can go one of two ways – either a partner will become sexually distant or even more sexually vigorous when they are cheating. On one hand, a partner that is having sex often with someone else may be too tired or lack the motivation to have sex with you, leading to a stagnant bedroom. On the other, an affair can cause an ego to increase and hormones to go wild. This kind of newfound confidence can lead to a stimulated sex drive across the board, not just with the other person. As a rule of thumb, take note of any sudden and undiscussed changes in the bedroom.

Their phones and computers are suddenly off limits.

It’s not unlikely that one partner may ask another to use some of their technology. “Hey, my phone died – can I use yours for a second?” “Can I borrow your computer? I need to check my email.” These questions and requests aren’t out of the norm, but they threaten someone who has used them for cheating. See if the answers shift from “yeah, sure” to “can it wait?”

Their schedule is suddenly full.

Someone who is cheating has to come up with excuses for where they’ll be. Whether it’s suddenly hanging out more with friends or having to work extra hours, a sudden popularity can be suspicious. This may signal that they’re being forced to make up excuses in order to find time to have fun with someone else.

Their finances are suddenly off limits.

This sign is especially telling of at least something suspicious going on in the case of married couples. Partners who cheat have to pay for dates – and it’s usually easy to tell the difference between grabbing a lunch alone and a dinner charge for two. They know this, which is why their financial history is suddenly off limits so that partners and spouses can’t see where that money is really going.

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