Why Saying I Love You Too Early in Dating Sucks

Why Saying I Love You Too Early in Dating Sucks

The three letter words “I Love You” is very powerful and very important in every successful love and relationship life. But in this life, there is no how much something can be good that will not have the opposite effect if not use properly. This is exactly what happen to the world “I Love You” failure to use it at the appropriate time, will spoil the very important use of it.

Saying I Love You Too Early in Dating SucksSaying I love you too early in dating sucks, if you don’t believe it, then wait let me show you why saying I love you too early in dating sucks and you will have me thank latter after you’ve read the whole pointer. As beautiful as the world ‘I Love You’ is, the consequence of saying it to someone you’ve just met or someone you’re just about going out on a date is very sucks and I don’t think you can bear it.

When you just meet someone you fall in love with, holding back the word I love you is not easy to be factual, but it will do you good if you can hold it back a little. Then how soon is too soon? And when is the right time to say I love you?

Now to answer the questions, you will have to read the reasons why saying I love you too early in dating sucks, then you’ll be able to give yourself the appropriate time for saying it. [A must read, top 10 relationship true love signs]

Reasons why saying I love you too early in dating sucks

#1. 90% of pretenders are the one that say I love you too soon when they are just about to date someone, you will need to prove yourself that you’re not a pretender by holding it back early on in your dating. Get to know him or her before let loose that powerful word “I Love You”

#2. Obsessive lovers fall into the group of people that often say I love you early on in their dating. These are people who find it difficult to remain single, immediately they left one relationship, they jump into another without waiting to see if it is good for them or not.

They often come quickly to tell you I love you in which they never mean it. Before you know, they’ve left you because they don’t know the gravity of the three powerful letter words. If you don’t want to be seen as obsessive lover, don’t say it too early.

#3. If you tell someone that “I Love You” and the person do not reciprocate with the same word “I Love You”, how will you feel? Awkward right! The truth is that, one of you will get angry while the second person will be in so much confusion.

This is the very reason why you need to be sure this person love you, if your date could say it back to you exactly the way you said it, you know how happy you will feel inside of you, knowing well that your date love you just as you love him or her.

#4. Even if you really mean it, the possibility of your date to misunderstand your word is very high. He or she will think you’re just saying it to please him or her. A real dating that will lead to long term relationship shouldn’t start with I love you too early in dating.

#5. Chances are you don’t even love that person, infatuation may have forced you to say that, thereafter, you’ll be finding it difficult to keep your word because; you always keep to your promise. Always make sure you actually like the real person you’re dating for their personality before professing your love to them.

#6. Relationship insecurity lead many to say it too soon when they don’t really know nothing about the life of their date. Just for them to feel secure, they say the words to keep other competitor away from their date.

Often time, they find themselves not compatible with their date and left them wondering that does he or she loves me initially.

#7. Don’t say I Love You to soon and don’t wait too long before you say it. If it gets too long, the date gets boring, and uninteresting. Ideally, you need to have been dating the person for nothing less than a month.

Yah! I hope you find answer to the reasons why saying I love you too early in dating sucks. Just take your time and evaluate your love and the person before you voice out I Love You.

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8 thoughts on “Why Saying I Love You Too Early in Dating Sucks”

  1. It’s a shame more people don’t understand how powerful the words “I love you” really are – once you say them you can’t take them back. I still see a lot of people using these words as an emotional tool to manipulate people over the short term.

    I think there’s a natural pace to every relationship where the right time for these words comes naturally for both people involved.

    Based on my own experience you’re better off avoiding saying ILU until you can’t help it and then just pray that your partner feels the same!

    1. Anthony Adeokun

      Thanks Marlon for your comment, honestly i’ts really a shame that most people don’t know how weighty the words I love You. I see many People misusing is a lot, I just hope they could come across my article here. Thanks once again for dropping by.

  2. Yes, you’re correct. This issue of saying “i love you” too early when dating someone sucks. People make this mistake most of the times.

  3. I had a friend when i was still dating someone else.when we broke up,7month after I proposed that friend of mine.now she is playing hard with me.more picking phone calls,straight answers;no more seeing each other….I licked her while I had an other woman,but I couldn’t do anything about it.now when I have no one,she can’t say yes or no to my proposal.and she is not in any relationship…. What advise can I get from you

  4. Well l’m jst the victim of that….l saw a cute girl and definately l culd not hold myself l just say it out that l lv her…fortunately she ws feeling the same way….three days later she ignore my calls,never responded to my social media text, later she told me that she received a call frm a girl claiming to be mine to back off…wht worries me is that l do not hv any girl except her…it is where l realise that she said the words ”l lv u” in a wrng time whilst she ws nt ready to commit into the relationship..this article hav jst open up my eyes and makes me undrstnd thngs better….thnks Anthony

  5. I am so touched by this msg. Infact, it is highly rated as a msg sent from God to me especially, because I almost fall victim.

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