5 Unpleasant Relationship Habits And How To Break Away From Them

5 Unpleasant Relationship Habits And How To Break Away From Them

When some form of behaviour has turned into your habit, it is not always easy to break away from it, but with determination, you can gradually do away with them if you have a willing spirit.

Sometimes, the habit may be of good intention but somehow, it has turned the other way round, and getting over it, will require at least twice the effort you applied in the first place.

Sincerely, habit can be really hard to break, especially when it has developed in your relationship over a longer period. Of course you will be feeling the bad effect but getting over it has not been always easy.

5 Unpleasant Relationship Habits And How To Break Away From ThemYou might determine to get over it sometimes when you’re alone but immediately you’re with your partner; all that determination will be gone. But you’re sure something is amiss and you need to find lasting solution to it in other to bring back the happiness you’ve been rid of by such unpleasant habits.

There are lots of bad and unpleasant habits that take away the joy of every good relationship, while some maybe mild, some can completely destroy ones relationship if appropriate steps are not taken to halt it.

Below are 5 unpleasant relationship habits and how to break away from them, so that you can enjoy your relationship happiness.

1. Getting too serious at home but friendly when with friends outside

If you find yourself being too serious at home when you’re with your partner, even when occasion call for laughter, yet  you could not really laugh but when you’re with friends outsides your home, you tend to be laughing really hard even with little joke. Then you should know you’re inviting trouble into your relationship.

Your partner also is your friend, in fact, he or she is your best friend that you should really be comfortable with. The routine of your duties at home should not take away laughter from your home. Find time and create the atmosphere where you can really play, joke and laugh with your partner.

Research has shown that, partner who find time to laugh together, stay longer and are happier in their relationship than partner who rarely laughs when with their partner.

If you have something preventing you both to have fun time at home, please go out  with your partner tomany romantic comedy and share some funny moment together.

2. Eating on a separate dish or taking your meal separately

It is easy to get into this habit of not having your meal together, maybe due to the fact that, you’re not always together or the kind of work you do, could not make eating together possible. Yes, it seem to be understandable but you can always find time to share meal together even if it’s not going to be every meal, at least you should share meal once per day or at most once in every two days.

Except in a situation where you and your partner are not leaving together, but you should always find time out to eat from the same dish and eating together can heal lots of misunderstanding and create a greater bonding in your relationship.

3. Repeated argument over the same issue all the time

Argument cannot be avoided totally in every relationship but repeated argument over the same issue is a habit which will eventually wear off the joy in your relationship.

If you found yourself being wrapped up with repeated argument, try and find a time to discuss the issue calmly with your partner and the necessary steps to take to avoid hitting on the same issue every time.

If it is something you do that always cause the disagreement, determine to make a change and don’t allow your partner to keep reminding you of it every time you have a slight disagreement over non-issues.

4. Always wanting your partner to initiate affection

If you carry on with the idea or believe that female first need to be approached when you were still out there dating, into your relationship that has been established, you might have difficulty in initiating affection in your established relationship.

This is really common among the women folks as research has shown, and it will go on to become your habit, you’ll always be waiting for your partner to initiate affection even when you need it most. This is not good for any relationship, anyone of you should make the first move and initiate the affection. You partner may not even be thinking along that line.

This kind of habit will do you more harm than good in your relationship if the trend continues. If you found yourself here, please start to counteract the unpleasant relationship habit. You will feel good and be able to exercise some measure of control in your relationship.

5. Allotting more time to your device than your partner

This is something serious in this generation and is eating deeply into the quality of time spent together by partners in relationship. So many relationships have been negatively impacted because, the quality of time partner stay together to talk, cuddle and other romantic moves have really been cut short.

It may not seem to be a problem initially but as time goes on, it is very possible that, you’ll lose some measure of control of your device over your relationship.

There’s nothing bad to have all these devices, in fact, it’s really good to have them and make use of them to constantly connect with your lover when you’re far away from home. But once you step into the house and with your partner, your device offers nothing to your relationship but a distraction when you can no longer talk face to face for an extended period of time to look at each other’s face.

Some can’t do without having their device beside them even when on the dining table, it is an indication that, some larger problem are lurking around your relationship.

These 5 unpleasant relationship habits shouldn’t be found around your relationship if you want to enjoy the lasting romantic happiness of a successful relationship. Get rid of them and bring back the romantic happiness into your relationship.

Please feel free to share your experience about these five unpleasant relationship habits and how to break away from them. Your contribution or suggestion are highly welcome, please use the comment box below to let us hear from you and don’t also forget to share this article with your friends using any of the social networking icons below.

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