How To Prepare Your Nails For Neat Nail Polish manicure

Neat nail polish manicure is an act you must learn. It doesn’t come automatically but is very complicated. For you to get a clean and snappish nail polish line, you need a lot of practice, persistence, and a stable hand.

If you end up painting outside the lines, you can always wipe it off.  To help you easily get a neat nail polish application, we have provided you useful and practical steps to follow:

Do away with old polish from your nails to get neat polish application

To be able to create a smooth and neat nail polish manicure, you must first get rid of any previous polish from your nails. Acetone nail polish removers aren’t very good for your nails.

They dry out your nail, and cuticle. It is better to make use of a non-acetone nail polish remover to minimize the dryness effects on your nail.


Follow these steps to remove old nail polish and prepare it for Neat Nail Polish manicure:

  • Put a cotton swab or ball over the aperture of your nail polish remover container. Ensure that the cotton swab has entirely covered the opening of the container.
  • Bend the bottle upside down and allow the cotton swab few minutes to get entirely saturated with the nail polish remover.
  • Rub the saturated cotton swab or ball over your nails to get rid of the polish. Let your cotton swab or ball be saturated over and over again and clean as required.

Trim your nails, file it, and smooth it

For neat nail polish manicure, after you have removed your old nail polish, take some time to clip, shape, and buff up your nails. Place nail clippers, emery panel, and a gentle buffer.

How to effectively trim your nails for neat nail polish manicure:

  • Make use of your nail cutters to trim your nails, if required.
  • Smooth the boundaries of your nails with an emery board nail file. File your nails into a round, square, or rounded-square shape.
  • Go over each nail with a somewhat abrasive shield to make the surfaces of your nails more evened out.

Immerse your hands in warm water

Once you have clipped your nails, shaped, and buffed it up, you can take some moment to relax and treat yourself. Get a basin and get it filled up get them dried up with a clean towel. After you have soaked your hands, your cuticles will be soft and much easier to push back.

Move back your cuticles

Cuticles are components of your skin which protects the matrix of your nails which is the part of your nail that grows, from infection. When you cut your cuticles, it makes your nail prone to infections. It can as well result to the deformation of your nail caused by appearance of ridges and discoloration.

Rather than cut your cuticles, it is more advisable to push them back to make your nail appear oval in shape. It as well helps you to create and prepare your finger for neat nail polish manicure.

To create this effect, make use of a cuticle pusher to cautiously push the cuticle back towards the bed of your nails.

  • Push in the sides of the cuticle as well.
  • Get rid of any dry or damaged skin.
  • Do same for all your nails.

Dampen your cuticles and skin

After exfoliation of your hands, it is significant to re-hydrate and dampen your soft skin. Choose a thick and deluxe hand cream or lotion and massage it into your hands.

Get rid of oil and grease from your nails

If allowed to remain on your nails, the oils from your hand cream or lotion will cut down the life of your polish. You can get rid of these oils from your fingernails through the use of alcohol cotton swab or ball.

  • Put a cotton swab or ball on the aperture of the cover of the alcohol bottle.
  • Tip the bottle upside down and wait a moment for the cotton swab or ball to become saturated with the rubbing alcohol. Place the bottom of the bottle on a flat surface.
  • Swipe the rubbing alcohol saturated cotton swab or ball over your nails to remove the oil.
  • Repeat as needed.

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