What’s In Your WardRobe : 12 Basic Must Haves

What’s In Your WardRobe : 12 Basic Must Haves

Fashion has diverse meanings relating to what an individual terms it as. Fashion to some could mean “dressing in line with what’s in vogue”, to others it could mean “looking good depends on my mood”.
There’s a whole lot of terms/definition in line with what fashion means.
In this post, we are talking more about the basic wears one must have in his/her wardrobe. Today’s post is basically for the ladies while in subsequent posts, we’ll definitely write on the basic wears a man must have.
This topic is not in line with what’s trending but what must be owned. You might probably have all the latest dress in line with what’s trending and not know how to rock it
Starting with the ladies. Here are basic things you must own in your wardrobe.

1. Black Blazer:

Of course we all know black goes with anything. It is actually a must-have for those who work in a corporate institution. Asides that, Not all times would one want to look corporately dressed but a black blazer be easily worn with anything. You could jazz it up with a Jean trouser making you feel a bit casually corporately dressed. You need not bother your head on what to match on your black blazer because black is one perfect colour that blends with every colour. This is a must have for every lady.

2. Flat Shoes

What's In Your WardRobe: 12 Basic Must HavesWe all know how high heeled stilettos looks great on every lady but not everyone can deal with the pain / discomfort it causes on the feet. Flat shoes give this comfort and help you feel smart and prim. You could care less about the staircase when you’re on flat shoes compared to when you’re on heel. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss a step. Flat shoes give great comfort and could be a perfect match on whatever outfit you wear.

3. Colourful Scarf:

Regardless of the weather, it is very important that a lady must carry this along everywhere she goes. It could be wrapped round your neck in a fancy way to help keep you warm. This could also help cover some parts of your body that are unconsciously exposed. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing a short skirt, but then a long scarf could make you feel comfortable while you’re seated with less worries of your exposed Laps.

4. Jean trousers

Jean never goes out of vogue. The comfort it gives is enough reason for you to own one. Truth is, anything could be paired on a Jean. You could rock it with a t-shirt, tops, crop tops, corporate shirt and just feel great. The best thing is to know what fits you more because we have different types of Jean ranging from pencil Jean, boot cut e.t.c. A black or deep blue denim Jean should be one of your must haves because it will definitely go with any colour.

5. Black HandBag:

It’s noWhat's In Your WardRobe : 12 Basic Must Havest surprising that a classy lady doesn’t feel completely dressed without an handbag. A black handbag eases you off the worries of “the matching code” because it goes perfectly on every outfit. It could be either be a clutch, crossbody / strap handbag or a structured day tote bag. Life just seems great with a handbag that is big or medium sized enough to contain all what you need for the day.

6. Canvas Sneakers

They are very comfortable and can be worn on any casual outfit. You don’t want to to go the cinema or shopping mall looking overly dressed. Sneakers never go out of vogue. It could be worn on a denim Jean, a short straight dress, bum shorts and above all, you end up feeling great.

7. Simple Black dress

We all know how black seems to be a general color that goes with anything. This colour shouldn’t be counted out with your dress. Own a simple black dress that could either be worn to the office, on a date or for social functions. Black never goes wrong with any other colour. Feel free to rock your dress with a blazer, sweater Cardigan or anything you feel comfortable with.

8. Cardigan Sweaters:

We all know how unpredictable the weather (especially in Nigeria) seems to be. Health, they say is wealth and you just wouldn’t want to lose your body out to the cold. This wear would actually help in keeping you warm when it’s either breezy or cold. It will be disappointing for you to go through your wardrobe looking for a thick wear and can’t find this in your collections.

9. Black Skirt:

This outfit will make you look chic and classic depending on how well you rock it. It always goes right with your blazer or sweater Cardigan. Wear a bold coloured shirt on it and feel like you just stole the show. It can be comfortably worn on a sandal, flat shoes, pump heels and taada! You’re good to go

10. Jean Jacket:

This is one major item that mustn’t be found wanting in your wardrobe. Mondays to Fridays could be owned for corporate wears but you will just feel free and trendy with a nice Denim jacket. This outfit looks great on a denim Jean and could be used in replacement of a sweater Cardigan at times.

11. Black Pant Trousers

A lady has to feel smart and prim when she’s at work. Not all corporate institutions allows Denim Jean on work days. This is one outfit that is best replaced with a Jean trouser.

12. High Heeled Shoes

12 Basic Must HavesThere’s this sexy feeling high heeled shoes gives you when it worn. Asides the fact that it makes you look tall, the way you step into the room makes you feel bold as if you’re about to take charge.
A black or nude coloured heels is great on any outfit. This could come in different shapes ranging from stilettos, blocked heels, pump / court shoes and wedge.

Do you own any of the basic items listed above?
Which items do you feel needs to be owned but wasn’t listed here?
Do share them with us in the comment box and don’t forget to share this article using any of the social networking icons below.

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