How accredited Waxing course can help your fashion enthusiasm

Taking Accredited Waxing Course For Leg, Bikini, Face and Underarms are essential whether you want to wax at home or in a beauty saloon. Waxing for hair removal is one of the currently trending and profitable ways you can make money as salons or mobile hair treatment business. Clients usually return roughly every month for successive treatments.

There is presently high demand for personal grooming and hair removal. This diploma waxing course provides you with a good opportunity to make cool money on a regular basis. Accredited Diploma waxing course for Leg, Bikini, face and underarms takes care of everything you need to practice as a professional hair remover.

The certificate issued is insurable and this means that after training, you can obtain insurance to be able to legally make use of the knowledge you have acquired to practice as a professional therapist and get paid for it.  You will be taught a lot of things during the waxing course including how to do warm strip waxing and hot waxing technique.

You will also be taught proper waxing technique for the Face, eyebrows and Underarms. You are as well taught the correct waxing technique and acceptable practice in addition to how to consult with your clients and care for them. The course also teaches you contra indications and how to offer appropriate after treatment advice. The relationship between hair growth cycle and waxing are as well adequately covered.

What is covered by the Leg, Bikini, Face and Underarm Waxing Course

  • Body grooming and hygiene in relation to health and safety practices
  • How to maintain good health and hygiene standards for yourself, your clients and in your immediate environment
  • Significant anatomy and physiology of the related body parts
  • Hair growth and cycle and its relationship with waxing treatments
  • Waxing materials and requisite equipment
  • The best equipment for salon hair waxing treatment for optimal results
  • How to engage in proper consultation with your clients
  • Proper waxing procedure and practice that ensures best results and client’s satisfaction
  • Contraindications to treatment
  • Skin diseases and disorders that might make one unsuitable for waxing treatment
  • How to waxing Legs, Bikini, Face and Underarms
  • How to perform waxing for best technique and results
  • The course also covered about after treatment care and how to offer after-care advice to clients to make them happy when they return home.
  • You will also be advised about costing for waxing treatment when practicing after training.
  • The cost to charge your clients and insurance cover on the day of training.

Course Duration

This waxing course is a single day accredited diploma course. The course is both for novices without prior knowledge of beauty or massage technique and for already practicing therapists who want to advance and update their knowledge.

Course arrangement

This course is arranged as a full day course starting from 9 am – 5 pm. Arrival and registration start from 9 am but the actual start-off time for the course is 10 am. Arriving early give you chance to get to know the environment and get properly settled for immediate start at 10 am.  The course is structured into 2 sections: the theory sections and the practical sections. Students are taught the basics of the waxing practice before they engage in the practice themselves.

Why register for the course

  • The course will provide you with a continual means of income
  • It will also give you a solid foundation and prepare you for progressing into the Advanced Intimate Waxing course once you have mastered this standard waxing practice.

Course entry requirements

Accredited waxing course is open to all; beginners looking to start a related career and already practicing therapists can apply to train for the course.

The course team of tutors

Our course tutors are professionals with many years of experience in the industry. You will meet groups of passionate, dedicated, friendly and well-experienced tutors happy to work you through all you need to know to start practicing as soon as you graduate from the course.

The tutors usually hold a Level 2 and Level 3 related qualification while those involved in assessment all possess Assessors Awards.


At end of the accredited waxing course you’d be given a diploma certificate.


Some of the waxing courses offer affordable insurance scheme and can offer insurance advice

How to book your place

Bookings can be made over the phones or by visiting the offices of instructors closest to your area.  Alternatively, many of the courses are available to book online where you can pay via PayPal, WorldPay or any other acceptable methods of payment.

Payments are usually made in full at the time of booking with the use of a credit or debit card unless you are taking advantage of Finance or Payment Plan options.

Why choose to do accredited waxing course?

Accredited centers offer high-quality accredited training with experienced tutors, professional equipment, and a great atmosphere to train in. The training centers are well-equipped, within easy reach of public transport and are regularly inspected by our accrediting awarding body (VTCT) to ensure we are giving you the best service for your money.

Reputable accredited waxing centres pride themselves by working with only qualified and experienced tutors who are friendly, welcoming and happy to go the extra mile to deliver the very best student experience possible.

All courses are run as small groups which allow plenty of opportunities to ask questions or seek further support if required.  Such centers have the very latest equipment and products required to adhere to industry standards. They also have an on-going Support Team available to answer any query you may have regarding your training either through email or by phone.

Certification is not brand specific. In some cases, your insurance may be invalid if you train with a branded product detailed on your training certificate and you wish to change to another brand. Maximum of 6  people are taken in a class; the number is kept minimal to ensure individual attention.

Course Manuals

Most waxing course training center include the cost of training manuals into the price of the course.und hard copy course

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