Laser Hair Removal Process, Risks And How To Prepare

Laser hair removal process is a health procedure that makes use of a laser which is a strong, energetic beam of light to get rid of unwanted hair.

During laser hair treatment, a laser beam of light is passed through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The energetic heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, which prevents future hair growth. Laser hair removal is mainly efficient for light skinned people with dark hair.

Although laser hair removal efficiently retards hair growth, it doesn’t remove your hair permanently. It basically requires numerous laser hair treatments to supply an extensive hair-free period. Intermittent maintenance treatments may be required for its effect to be long lasting.

Why people do laser hair removal

People do laser hair removal to minimize unwanted hair. Regular treatment positions are legs, underarms, upper lip, and chin and trunks line. Nevertheless, it’s possible to do laser hair removal for unwanted hair in almost every part of the body apart from the eyelid or neighboring area.

The color of the skin and hair affect the outcome or the success of laser hair removal process. For instance, laser hair removal process is majorly efficient for people whose skin are light and whose hair are dark due to the fact that the laser beam aims at the melanin pigment in the hair. Nevertheless, advancements in technology have made laser hair removal an alternative for people who possess darker skin.

Laser hair removal process is not normally efficient for white, gray, red or blond hair due to the fact that the laser beam is unable to pick up a lighter hair. On the other hand, treatment options for lighter hair are still under investigation.

laser hair removal process

Risks involved in laser hair removal process

Laser hair removal process doesn’t warranty lasting hair removal. Several types of hair could be opposed to the laser treatment. Some other type of hair color grows again after treatment even though the fresh hair growth may be finer and lighter in color.

The major widespread side effects of laser hair removal are stated below:

Irritation of the Skin

It is possible to get momentary distress; redness and puffiness after laser hair removal process. Although;  these signs and symptoms basically disappear after some hours.

Change of skin color

Laser hair beam leads to the lightening of the affected skin of people with darker skin, particularly if a wrong laser is used or the setting used is faulty.

Infrequently, laser hair removal process can lead to blister, crust, scar or lead to a few more undesirable effects on the texture of the skin. Other rare side effects of the laser treatment for hair removal alteration of the treated hair into gray color or ironically, hair may start to grow extremely in or around treated areas.

It is not safe to carry out laser hair removal  process for your eyelid or adjoining area, as a result of the likelihood of rigorous eye injury.

How to get ready for laser hair treatment

If you want to go for laser hair treatment, ensure that the doctor you use is a certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Also, ensure that the doctor is experienced with laser hair removal. If a physician’s assistant or licensed nurse is carrying out laser treatment for you, ensure that an expert doctor is present to supervise the process. Be wary about using spas, salons or other facilities that use non-medical personnel to carry out the process of laser hair removal.

Prior to laser removal, consult with your doctor. The doctor may make use of this visit to:

  • Examine your medical history, including your use of medications. Talk about your risks, profits and expectations which include what you can achieve or not achieve laser hair treatment.
  • Take pictures to be used for before-and-after evaluations and long-term reviews

During the consultation, talk about a treatment plan and associated costs. It is normally very expensive venture to undertake.

The doctor may also advise you to do the following:

Limit your exposure to the sun

A tan caused by sun will your possibility of having side effects like skin lightening.

If your skin is tanned, it is better to wait until the tan has entirely faded out before going for laser hair removal. A few doctors recommend staying out of the sun for about six weeks before the process is done. 

Stay away from plucking, waxing and electrolysis methods of hair removal

These forms of hair removal can cause trouble to the hair follicle and affect the success of the process of laser hair treatment.

It is recommended to shave before the process. It helps to safeguard the hair shaft and follicle. Shaving also prevents laser from focusing on the on the skin surface possibly leading to burns.

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