Money Before Humour And Good Looking Men; Why Do Women Lie About This?

Money Before Humour And Good Looking Men; Why Do Women Lie About This?

Let me first make things clear here, I’m not a woman hater, and I don’t hold anything against women generally, in fact I love women more than I love men and that is me for you. However, I’m writing this base on my experience with women as well as related stories, and other blogs I have read online that are somehow related to the issues of money, humour and good looks preference for women when you want to know which of them do they want first in a man.

Money Before Humour And Good Looking MenHave you ever ask any woman, lady or hot chick; what kind of man will she want in a relationship or what does she looks for in a man before even agreeing to date and marry him?

I can tell you, 98% of women will NEVER mention money in their top three things they want in any man. But why? What most of them will tell you is that, I want a man who’s good looking, I want a man who is funny (that’s humour), I want a man who is honest, loyal, including morality and decency. You will not hear them mention, I want a man who has money or who is wealthy, if you try to mention thing like that for her, she will tells you money can’t buy her love, I quite agree but ???????

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] For every rich man who uses his wealth to attract young women, there is a gold digger looking for a man to keep her. For every woman who places more value on things like morality, honesty, loyalty and decency than they do wealth, there is a man who will never be given the chance to show her he exists because he doesn’t earn enough for her to give him a second look. [/sws_blockquote_endquote] In my humble experiences, these are very true, real life experiences not from what I read anywhere or hear people say, women seem to take an interest in me because if you’re looking for a good looking young man, there you will surely find me full with good sense of humour, however as soon as they find out that I got no job, still leaving with my parent that has everything all good parent should have. Since I’m not doing any kind of work that you will expect more money to be found in my pocket, though not poor but I’m broke, once these women that show interest realize that I’m broke, they disappear like a puff of smoke in a gale force wind! I just wonder why any of them never bother to know why I’m broke but good looking. [Read; What do women want in relationship]

It is all lie, if you don’t have money; just forget about women, your humour and your good looks will only draw attention with no intention.

I took a step further, and work myself into the heart of some of the ladies (not with any bad intention or to hurt any of them though), I tried to find out why do women generally will not want to tell anyone that, they want man that has money first and every other thing like handsomeness, humour, and other wonderful attribute a woman will want in a man.

Surprisingly, all the ladies’ answers were pointing to the same fact. Here is the summary of what they all said in a sentence; “Why is it that when we look for a man who can give us ‘this lifestyle’ we are stigmatized as being money hungry or gold digger?”

It is now I understand where they are all coming from; they need to protect their image so that their integrity will not be questionable. Good sense right!

I will love to hear from you especially if you’re women and if you’re men or guys or whatever you think you are, I will also love to hear your input about this subject matter. Please make use of the comment form below for your contribution and don’t forget to share this post with any of the social media icons below.

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