Alone Time Is Good For You: 7 Reasons You Need Solitude in Your Life

Stella was one of a kind as far as girls I once dated goes. She had this thing where, from time to time, you couldn’t get in touch with her no matter how hard you try. When she got tired of being pestered by me, she calmly told me, ‘Dude, don’t you know alone time is good for you?’

alone time is good for you

Apparently, she does this thing where she’d switch off her gadgets and lock herself in her apartment for a few hours. Sometimes she does it for a whole day. On days like that, you would have to set the house on fire to get her out.

This had nothing to do with loneliness. With time, I found out that alone time is one of best ways to spend the day.

Introverts understand this. But with introverts, nobody would raise an eyebrow if they decide to be incommunicado for a while. That is what people expect from them.

Explaining to somebody how alone time is good for them can be quite tricky. Especially, in these days of social media where we are never really alone as long as we have our smartphones.

So, patiently read on to see how alone time is good for you.

1. You get to recharge yourself completely

After a session a being alone, the immediate benefit is that you feel refreshed. Somehow, doing absolutely nothing while shutting out the whole world does wonders for your energy levels.

You simply feel perked up and ready to take on new challenges.

2. Alone time is good for your creativity

alone time is good for you

There is a reason why really creative people love being alone. It is common to see them take a trip away from family and friends just to be alone and think.

They have come to understand that they are at their best when they are alone.

It’s a bit like that period early in the morning when you wake up and have a bit of time to kill before starting off for the day. You’d discover that is the time your best ideas come to you.

Sometimes, you even find answers to what was once an intractable problem at this time

So that is what you get from a deliberate and planned alone time: your creative juices are rejuvenated.

3. It improves all-round productivity

It seems logical that when you are refreshed and your creativity gets a boost, your overall productivity would improve too. After your alone time, you’d feel you have all the energy to take on any task.

4. It makes you more compassionate

Empathy is hard to develop when you are constantly competing against others to get ahead in life. The more you win, the harder you work to keep your new status. It is a never-ending circle.

In this scenario, you hardly get time to think about how others really feel.

This is how alone time is good for you: time alone gives you an opportunity to think about others. You get to developers more compassion for them. The newfound empathy for others can only make you a better person.

5. Chance to plan your life

alone time is good for you

The opportunity to plan your life is one of the best reasons alone time is good for you.

Alone time means no distraction. And with the absence of these distractions, you can focus on the very important things. You can use the time to plan every aspect of your life without pressure.

This is the one time you can think of all the positive changes to make in your life without distractions.

6. Clears the mind and builds mental strength

Our daily activities involve feeding the mind and brain with things we have to do or not do. Unfortunately, we also take in garbage which the mind has to process.

Alone time is the one period you have to clear your head of all the unnecessary muck cluttering your head. That relieves the mind and brain of a lot of pressure.

With less garbage, your mind, brain, and body can function optimally.

7. You can do whatever you like

alone time is good for you

This, for me, is the best thing about alone time. You get to do whatever you want. You decide your own schedule and pace. Basically, you just take things easy.

Here is the thing though, alone time doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself indoors. That is crucial if you want to have many options on what to do. So you can take a hike, go camping or travel to a new town just to be alone. That way, your choices on what to do are limitless.

So, you now can see why alone time is good for you. There are other unexpected benefits when you decide to move away from the crowd. Try and make a habit of it. You would never regret the decision.

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