Here Are 7 Reasons Why Productive Men And Women Go To Bed Early

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Productive Men And Women Go To Bed Early

Yes, you don’t have to go late to bed because you think you’re being productive at the hour when your brain needs rest. Lots of people do confuse productivity with activity. You can be active without producing anything, but you cannot be productive without being active.

When it’s bed time, productive people respect the time. Staying up late because you still have 2 hours to catch up with today’s work can put more pressure on tomorrow’s work.

Why? Because sometimes, nature try to fight back and you might not like the outcome.

Below are the pointers to back up the title of this article; 7 reasons why productive men and women go to bed early.7 Reasons Why Productive Men And Women Go To Bed Early

1. It is not possible for you to retain what you learn when your brain is seeking for rest

Do you know that, the quantity and quality of your sleep is the major determinant of your ability to learn new information? If you deprive yourself sleep, you’ll definitely lose focus and attention.

What this mean is that, you may have to repeat several tasks in a number of times and your chance of making many great mistakes is imminent. If you had ever tried to study late at night, you can easily see the truth in this. So, why wasting away your time with activities that are not productive enough for you.

2. When you’re tired, you mood can never be stable

There’s no point in being productive when you have an unstable mood. Go to seep early and save yourself the stress. When you wake up the next day, you will be full of energy plus a stable mood. This will help you to improve on your productivity.

3. Lack of sleep will impair your judgement

You can’t make good decision when you deprive yourself of sleep and even your response will be much more slower than when you don’t deprive yourself of quality sleeping hours.

4. Your risk of accident is increase if you deprive yourself of sleep

One of the major causes of accident for drivers on a long journey is sleep. Many of them really deprived themselves of sleep, and in a split of a second, they might lose control of their vehicle. Not just only drivers but for every human that tries to be productive at the hour when they are supposed to go get rest.

5. If you don’t have enough sleep, your health will deteriorate

Do you know that, sleep deprivation has even been linked to shorter lifespan? If you’re not well-rested, you’ll be having problem with your health. Your immune system will be affected and the antibodies fighting foreign bodies in your system will get weaker. During sleep, especially quality sleep, your immune system gets replenished. High blood pressure, obesity, diabetics, stroke, and heart diseases are linked to sleep deprivation.

6. You’ll be less efficient when you’re drowsy

Truth be told, you may be physically present, but you can never be 100% mentally present, thus, your efficiency will be greatly reduced.

7. Your ability to handle stress will be drastically reduced when you’re fatigue

Research has proven that, just missing a few hours of sleep reduces person’s ability to handle negative situations. Your mental strength will be robbed off if you’re deprived of quality sleep and your ability to handle stressful event will also be greatly weaken.

In the above listed 7 reasons, you may not be affected probably if you miss some few hours in just a night or two, but turning it to a habit and going to bed late at night, can lead it to sleep deficit.

If you desire your body to work maximally during your productive hours, you’ve got to sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night. The result will be an increase in your productivity.

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