13 Habits That Show You Are Mentally Strong

Knowing you are mentally strong doesn’t mean much if you don’t do anything about that fact. On the other hand mentally strong people take that fact for granted. They don’t go around shouting to the whole world, ‘Look at me! I am mentally Strong!’

you are mentally strong

Fact is, they carry their mental toughness the way experience models strut their stuff on the catwalk. You know what I mean I guess.

So do you want to know if you are mentally strong as a person? To put it in another perspective, do you want to know how to spot a mentally strong person?

Read on to see some if the characteristics of people who because of their attitude, seem to carry on with the business of life as if nothing is insurmountable to them.

Feeling sorry for their fate

you are mentally strong

One of the strongest characteristics of the mentally strong is that it is easy for them to just say, ‘Shit happens and move on. Basically, they don’t sit around bemoaning their fate and feeling sorry about their situation.

They understand profoundly how life is a battle against forces that you sometimes cannot control. They always try to make the best out of any situation.

Mentally strong people always strive to stay in control

you are mentally strong

Have you ever met a person who always behaves like the boss in every situation? Give them a task to do, no matter how menial or challenging, they execute it with panache; making sure there is no room for excuses.

They are the perfect example of stone cold operators.

You are mentally strong if change doesn’t scare you

you are mentally strong

One of the facts of life is that change is inevitable. Everybody with a brain knows that. Unfortunately, not everybody embrace change and are willing to move forward.

That is why it is only the mentally strong who prosper in the face of great changes. They are adaptable and flexible. Though not necessarily for the good all the time.

But the fact is, because change doesn’t scare them, they make decisions that would make other people quake and piss all over themselves.

They know the battles to fight

you are mentally strong

A famous writer once said that to run away from a battle is sometimes not an act of cowardice. That is one thing mentally strong people understand better than ordinary folks.

They know which battles to fight and they know when a battle is lost. You’d never catch them wasting time trying to salvage a lost cause.

They’d rather waste their energy planning on something totally unrelated, but which in the long run, would benefit them immensely.

Popularity contest is not their style

you are mentally strong

This is one of the qualities of the most decisive leaders since the history of man. They are not interested in whether their actions might hurt quite a few people if they believe in their chosen path.

For that reason, mentally strong people can come across as hard, cold, with the heart of a hungry shark on the trail of blood.

Risk taking is part of their DNA

you are mentally strong

When you study mentally strong people, you might easily arrive at the conclusion that they are consummate gamblers with the risks they take.

That is wrong though. They take risks a lot for sure. But know that what you see as risk is the end result of careful and calculated planning.

A mentally strong person never does anything without weighing up the chances of success. And expect them to increase that chance of success to the highest possible degree before making a move.

They know how to move on

you are mentally strong

When something happens, no matter the outcome, the mentally strong individual moves on. They don’t waste time celebrating something they already consider history.

They are already on to the next challenge.

That is why mentally strong people are very fast in recovering from heartbreaks or the loss of a dear one.

You are mentally strong if you avoid the same mistakes

you are mentally strong

Some of the biggest tragedies in life happen because people tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

We all have heard insanity defined as expecting different results from repeating the same thing again and again.

With the mentally strong, it is second nature to learn from mistakes. Every failure is a lesson in how to do something better next time.

They are hardly ever envious or jealous of other people

you are mentally strong

If as a lady you are dating a mentally strong man, with time you’d get to understand that you can’t get him to do something by telling him how successful his peers are relative to him.

He is acutely aware of these things more than you. What drives him though is not peer pressure. He is his biggest critic.

Know that at any point in his life, he is always trying to be the best he can be with the tools available to him.

This is another way of saying you are mentally strong if you are comfortable in your own skin. You don’t want to be like anybody else.

Never say die attitude


Failure to a mentally strong person is never a reason to give up. They know success is just around the corner and would never stop trying until they reach their goal.

Or until at a time time they determine that perhaps their objective is impossible. So it is easy to see them as very stubborn.

Being alone is okay with them

you are mentally strong

They actually cherish the times nobody is around to pester them with noise. Alone time is one of the most productive time for them because they need it to strategize and plan afresh.

These are the sort of people you might catch starring into emptiness in front of the window in the sitting room. Doing nothing apparently.

They don’t feel entitled

you are mentally strong

Mentally strong characters don’t go around with the notion the world owes them something or a living.

They control their fate. Everything they have was earned through hardwor and diligent planning.

As for the things they don’t have which might seem essential, let’s just say they’ll have them in due course. When they get them, they know it is their deserved reward.

They don’t depend on miracles

you are mentally strong

Miracles by their definition are things that happen but shouldn’t have.

With the mentally strong, miracles are the things you tell your kids to shield them from the unfairness of the world.

Mentally strong people know that instant gratification is right up the ball park of lazy people. They know that they have to put in the hours to get the desired results.

Which makes them very patient people.

Those are habits to have if you are mentally strong. On the flip side, you can say that they are the habits to cultivate if you want to be like mentally strong individuals.

So, are you a mentally strong person? Do you think you can cultivate those habits? And do you know of any other characteristics of mentally strong people? Tell us you thoughts in the comments section below.

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