6 Common Bedtime Routines To Make Your Relationship Stronger

Okay, before we get too carried away, let it be said that these common bedtime routines are for couples who live together. Married couples come to mind. And live-in lovers too.

common bedtime routines

Unmarried couples and lovers who live apart can learn a thing or two. The knowledge can be used when they begin to live together.

Couples in long term relationship living in the same apartment would be the first to admit that it gets boring after a while. The first thing you see in the morning is your partner. The last thing you see at the end of the day is the same partner.

And in between those times especially at weekends, you get to see them more times than you care to. It is such a drudge. It is the drudgery that can make relationships become stale.

That is why it is sometimes advisable to take a break from your partner. That is a decision that could just save your relationship. But if you don’t have the option of going away for a while, these common bedtime routines could be the thing for you.

Let have a look at them.

6 common bedtime routines

Go to bed together at the same time

common bedtime routines

One way to create a strong connection with your partner is to be together as much as possible. One simple and common way to do it is going to bed at the same time.

Normally, work schedules and stuff would keep both of you apart all day. At home too, differing interests (for instance, you prefer to work on your laptop; she loves soap operas on TV) might make it impossible to ever be together at the same time.

So going to bed together at the same time regularly is a fine way to connect with your partner.

Switch off all your gadgets

common bedtime routines

Electronic devices like handsets and laptops are a huge distraction when they are close by and switched on. Apart from interrupting with sleep, they keep our concentration away from our significant other.

So just turn them off. It is best not to even bring them into the bedroom. This is one of the most common bedtime routines that is easy to implement; many couples though can’t imagine going to bed without their gadgets.

Doing it regularly would seriously improve your relationship with your partner.

Make your pillow talk more personal

common bedtime routines

It is the end of the day and rest beckons. Before that though, both of you would have had the chance to do the dishes after dinner or watch TV in the living room.

Suspend any personal or intimate conversation you might be tempted to have at these periods. Save them for when your heads hit the pillows. Then you can talk about each other as much as you want.

Doing this regularly would surely make the bond between the two of you stronger. As a matter of fact, if done well, you may come to regard it as the best time of the day. You would always look forward to that time.

Don’t leave foreplay to bedtime only

common bedtime routines

Engaging in foreplay in the time leading up to hitting the bed can be turned into pleasurable, effective, yet simple bedtime routine.

When foreplay is restricted to only when you get to bed, it becomes boring. It would begin to look a little staged. And it is things like this that drive out all the joys of being intimate with your partner.

So try doing things that would turn on your partner during the day. This would get them in the mood and build up anticipation for bedtime.

Doing this daily reminds your partner how much you are still into them even after been together for so long.

Invent new ways of touching each other

common bedtime routines

Again, this is all about mixing it up and finding news to keep the passion burning in the affair. If you have never done it before, why not give your partner a good body massage.

There are so many creative ways to touch your partner to make them know you really want them; to make them understand they are still the flavor of your life

Kiss, kiss, kiss

common bedtime routines

Finally, always kiss them goodnight. Kissing is pleasurable and has many benefits for lovers.

Making it a habit to always kiss your partner before calling it a day ensures the connection between you stays strong.

Kissing your partner goodnight drives home one important fact; that you still care about them even if you just had an argument a few moments ago.

So how about that for simplicity. These common bedtime routines can’t come any simpler. It won’t take much from you to start doing them. They could be the things to save your relationship from crashing all around you.

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