Kissing Tips And The Best Ways To Indulge In It

Kissing is one form of intimacy that builds a strong bond between two people in a relationship. In as much as people indulge in it, it is one act that can never go extinct and i believe it is relevant in any serious relationship.

Kissing is not just about two people rubbing their lips together but it is much more than that and the sooner you know the better for you.

Kissing Tips And The Best Ways To Indulge

I often hear people say that they are great kissers but what really makes you one and how do you know that you are?

This article therefore gives insight into kissing tips you can adopt which will make your relationship even stronger.

Before embarking on kissing, there are some things you should know and they are:

Don’t first attack the lips:

When people want to kiss, most of the time they go straight for the lips. To add more spice to your kissing, try kissing other parts of the face like the ear lobe, the nose, the cheeks and the neck. All this set the pace for the actual kissing.

Have a fresh breath:

This is one of the kissing tips that are very important. How would you feel if you want to kiss your partner and his or her mouth smells?

Having a bad breath is enough to discourage one from not indulging in kissing so you need to ensure that your mouth smells nice before doing so. Using mouth minting sprays, brushing properly and chewing a nice gum are ways to make your mouth feeling fresh.

Some people might not even tell their partners they have bad breath instead they would rather avoid kissing them.

So prevent this from happening to you by making sure your breath is fresh and your mouth is ready to be kissed.

Close your eyes:

The best way to enjoy kissing is by shutting your eyes. This is because when you do, it is easy to put yourself in the mood and embrace the feelings and rhythm that come with kissing.

It is very easy to let go of oneself when your eyes are closed than when they are open.

Make use of both lips:

This is one of the kissing tips that one cannot do without. To fully indulge in kissing, you have to make use of both the upper and lower lip.

Some people stay fixated on just one lip when kissing which makes me wonder if the other lip is on vacation. If you can nibble on one you should also be able to nibble on the other.

Moreover, kissing on one lip alone would make the act boring and monotonous which I believe you would not like so when next you kiss your partner, kiss him on both lips.

Make use of your tongue:

Aside making use of your lips when kissing, you should also involve your tongue. Some people do not really like this because it feels disgusting but I feel if you can go as far as kissing someone; why not go all the way?

Using your tongue when kissing is another fun way to be intimate and the touch of both tongues should create an electrifying feeling for both of you.

Take pauses:

Kissing Tips And The Best Ways To Indulge In It

This is one of the kissing tips you should indulge in. Some people kiss as if they are fighting a war and when your lips keep rubbing against each other continuously, you might start feeling a bit sore.

So, taking a brief pause in between kissing is also a good idea. When your lips meet for some time and you pull away while looking at each other and resume kissing again, it is simply romantic and would make you yearn for more kisses.

These are kissing tips you should engage in which would make you closer to your partner. You are sure to love them.

What other kissing tips are you aware of?

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