6 Wrong Assumptions Men Have Of Women

When it comes to expectations in relationships, there are so many wrong assumptions men have of women. And the funny thing is, these wrong assumptions men have of women are so ingrained in men they are taken as part of the fabric of any normal relationship.

wrong assumptions men have

I blame all those fairy tales we tell our kids for this state of affair. When children are constantly fed stories of princesses in distress waiting for Knights in shining armours to come rescue them, what kind of mindset do you expect from them as adults?

Men are conditioned to think a certain way about women from birth. And to be fair, most women don’t help the situation with the way they behave.

They send out the wrong signals about how they expect men to behave; and when men misread the signals with wrong assumptions, they are tagged jerks.

In these modern world, it is so easy to be a jerk as a man. But men can try to be better by avoiding these wrong assumptions men have of women.

Women need time to look swell

wrong assumptions men have

I know we men always moan about how much time women take before they are ready to go out for a date, a party or any sort of outing.

Many men even go as far as wishing they’d rather have a girl who doesn’t bother with makeup and all that sort of thing. But at the same time, men are the first to complain if their women look drab.

We men need to understand it takes time for a woman to be at her best. So we need to stop honking the car horn impatiently or pacing around angrily in the room badgering them to hurry up.

Her body can’t be perfect just for you


wrong assumptions men have

This is one of the most common wrong assumptions men have of women. In the world of men, we want our ladies to fit a particular body shape and physique.

Men expect women to have a combination of physical attributes to make them fit their imagination of the perfect shape. These include nice curves, fleshy in the right places, flat tummy, long legs, full lips and all the rest.

The reality is that only a tiny percentage of women in the world come packaged like that naturally. And unless you are super rich, handsome and famous, you’d never have a chance in hell of dating a girl like that.

Women won’t give up their lives just like that for you

wrong assumptions men have

In this modern world where the playing field between the sexes is somewhat level, men should understand women have a life outside of them.

Men expect women to stop talking to other men and just sit at home, doing their nails while waiting for the man to call or come to see them.

That is an outmoded lifestyle that just doesn’t work anymore.

So until you actually make it official with the girl that both of you are going to be exclusive, don’t expect her to stop hooking up with her male friends. It is not going to happen.

If you want her love life to revolve around you, you have to make a commitment to her and only then can you expect that from her.

Women are not mind readers


wrong assumptions men have

This is one those wrong assumptions men have of women that can be blamed on men’s inability to express their thoughts clearly.

As men, we are used to bottling up our feelings so as not to appear weak to others. On the other hand, we shouldn’t expect women to know exactly what we are thinking.

Women don’t have special gifts of discernment. They are not clairvoyant.

If you want empathy from your woman, it is best you tell her everything all the time.

How much talk is too much or not enough?

wrong assumptions men have

I see this happening again and again as men complain their women talk too much. Or are not very communicative.

For instance, men hate it when the girl is constantly calling them just to chat gazillion times in a day. However, if the girl decides to tow the line and stopped calling as often as before, we men complain about not getting enough attention from them.

It is impossible to find a middle ground without spelling it out clearly to the girl about what you consider too much or too little.

Flings don’t mix well in a relationship

wrong assumptions men have

You know how it is about a guy going on about not wanting a serious relationship with the girl. But would still expect the girl to listen to all his daily problems from work, family or even a girlfriend.

It is plain wrong to expect a girl you don’t want to be serious with to help you resolve your issues. Don’t expect that cherry if all you want is just a fling.

Carry you emotional problems elsewhere.

When you are ready and willing for deep commitment, then your expectations would be in order.

Guys, ladies, if you think I left something out, please tell us about it in the comments section. And please share this on Facebook and Twitter with your friends if you liked what you read. Cheers.

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