Top Photogenic Makeup Tricks: How to Get a Brighter Picture of Yourself

We all like taking photos. Even if you are not particularly a fan of many photos, the world we are in sometimes forces you to go over what you would naturally do. Also with the inventions of technologies that like digital cameras, smart phones and the rest which make it easy to take photos anywhere and anytime we tend to take more photos than we would naturally do. Also the fact that we have digital albums today means that we can take as many pictures as possible without worrying of the cost of  printing them off on films and papers. The fact that photographs of us can be taken anytime and anywhere makes us desire making our skin photo ready all the time. We have provided in this article top photogenic makeup tricks to help you ensure that you create a lasting impression and wonderful photo memories.

photogenic makeup

You need brighter eyes

For a photogenic makeup appearance, your eyes need to look brighter and clear. The entire look of your face depends on how bright your eyes are.  For brighter eyes, apply a few drops of cooling eye drops into your two eyes before you start to apply your makeup.

You need to keep your skin prepared and always ready

Your skin need to be supple and properly hydrated to ensure that your facial foundation appear nice on your face. When you take good care of your skin and you facial skin is smooth and radiant enough, what it means is that when you apply a foundation, you don’t see jagged streaks or wrinkles. After face-washing, try and apply a sheet mask for about 15 minutes when getting ready. You can also apply a good amount of facial moisturizer and allow it to soak inside your skin for some minutes before you remove any excess.

You need a perfect matching foundation for photogenic makeup

You should never use the foundation that is too pale. Pale foundation makes you to look washed out when the camera light flashes. A dark foundation would make you appear slightly mucky in picture.  Try and taste shades of colors of foundation on your jaw line in broad day light to ensure you get a perfect match for your skin. While applying, what you need is a light to medium cover of the foundation.  If your skin is a bit oily, rub a bit of powder to reduce the shining effect.

You don’t need a thick concealer

Applying too much concealer won’t hide that spot on your face. Just use a dab of concealer and rub on the spot. The concealer you use must be a perfect match for your kin shades of color. Too much concealer draws attention to the spot.

You need to emphasize tactically

A top secret of photogenic makeup skin is illumination. You can falsify illumination effects by applying a lustrous shadow or highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, along the connection of your nose and at the internal eye curves. Try not to apply too much.  Excessive application can look oily in photos.

You need darker eye brows

Your eye brows outline the look of your whole face. Select an eye pencil or powder that is a bit darker than your real eye brows. If your face looks brighter in photos use slightly radiant strokes to cover any gaps between hairs.

You need explosive eyes

Smokey eyes are not good for you if you want your face to stick out. Rather, sweep a neutral shade on your eyelids. Then use a dark brown or spongy black liner to just the thirds of the external part of your upper lids. Forget the bottom entirely; applying eye liner on your lower lids can reduce the size of your eyes and make it smaller. Complete the makeup by curling your lashes and add two double coats of foundation to make your eyes look broader and brighter.

Apply contour with blush

Delicate contouring can thin down your face. The best and simpler way to contour your cheeks and at the same time add color to your face is to apply blush  to your cheek hollows  and afterwards mix it together near your cheekbones.

For a brighter and more brilliant photo, go for cheery lipstick; dark lipsticks are trending but they make your lips smaller.

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