Step By Step Strategies To Win A Girl Over Using Text Messages

Text messaging is one of the greatest inventions of our time. You can do a lot with it. From business transactions to just simply saying ‘hito a friend. And do you know you can win a girl over using text messages only?

win a girl over using text messages

Naturally, it is going to be easier if you’ve met the get before. Because doing it with a total stranger is just weird. But some hotshot guys have been known to do it with girls they’d never met before.

For the purpose of this dating hack, it is assumed you have met the girl before. It is also assumed you got her number then.

The next step is to use that number and get her if you really like her. Some guys prefer doing it with calls. This is great if you know how to go about it.

But for the guys who are not so articulate with words, texting her is the way to go. With the right strategy, you would come across as very eloquent and fun to be with.

And the best part is you don’t have to be a top-rated wordsmith before you can win a girl over using text messages. As long as you know how to spell simple words, you would do just fine.

So without wasting much time, let’s get to the proven strategies to win a girl over using text messages

1. Keep the messages within the bounds of decency at first

win a girl over using text messages

You know how they say that first impression last? So you want to be courteous and respectful in the beginning.

So you better not rush into what you want. Start off slow and get her to be comfortable with you at first. Many guys spoil it by rushing in head-on with their full pitch. That is a mistake.

Make sure your texts, in the beginning, are not too brash or full of assumptions about her.

2. Don’t swamp her with too much text

Everybody knows you have a lot to tell her. But that is no excuse to swamp her with too many text messages.

In today’s world, short text messages are better and sweeter than long-winded ones.

And don’t send too many text messages. She would quickly get tired of you and the texts if you do that. Just a few, not more than two, at a time would keep her looking forward to the next one.

3. Make her laugh if you can

win a girl over using text messages

Here is the thing, since you are trying to win a girl over using text messages, spontaneity is not expected from you. So you can take your time to frame something funny before sending it.

Don’t rush it. She won’t know you are having a hard time coming up with something funny. But once you get it right and send it, it would actually look like a spur of the moment thing.

That would make her anxious to see more texts messages from you. But remember, don’t swarm her with texts.

4. Tease her lightly

Girls love it when guys show they are able to play with them. It shows the guy has a fun side and is able to use it well.

She’d start thinking perhaps you are a great company in real life. So you must be prepared to live up to that reputation when you guys finally meet up.

5. Use smileys to make her feel special

win a girl over using text messages

Use smileys and emoticons in your text messages. This conveys the fact you are willing to go the extra mile to send her special text messages.

An emoticon would always put a smile on her lips. And it’s a clear indication you consider each text message special.

6. Pick the right time

Knowing the best time to text her is quite tricky. But one way to know the best time to text is how soon she replies. Fast replies imply she is not busy at that time and can indulge in texting.

It might take a while to hit on the right time to text though. Your best bet though is to come right out and ask. But it is better to figure it out for yourself. This shows you are paying attention to her routine.

7. Set her imagination on overdrive

A nice trick to win a girl over using text messages is to be vague. Don’t reveal everything in the text. Just give enough information to make her imagine stuff.

This would keep the conversion interesting. Trust that she would always be full of questions for you.

8. Spice it up with cute texts

win a girl over using text messages

Cute texts specially tweaked for her can make her warm up to you. Again, don’t rush this process and send any generic text.

Do a bit of research. Then customize the text to fit the situation. It would look spontaneous and original. That would make her feel really special.

9. Use a special name for her

Using special names for girls really works. It works all the time. You become the only person that calls her that name. That sets you apart from the rest.

10. Be real with your feelings

Don’t be afraid to be open and expose your feelings to her. Some guys mess up thinking that to play it super cool always is the way to go.

Girls like it when guys open up with their real feelings. It makes them vulnerable and human. And girls just love it when a guy is vulnerable

11. Let your texts be descriptive

This is where you can let your imagination run about a bit. Get her engaged by guessing what her surroundings look like.

For example, try to describe her room and what is she is wearing in your texts.

You would get it spectacularly wrong though. But that would deepen the engagement between you two as she tries to correct you.

12. Don’t ask to exchange private photos

win a girl over using text messages

No matter how far you have gone, never ask for her nudes and don’t offer yours.

Perhaps later in the affair, you two can go down that route if she is comfortable with it. But never suggest such a thing at this stage just to seem bold and confident.

13. Patience is key

Finally, if you decide to win a girl over using text messages, just know that you need a lot of patience. So get on with it the texting.

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