How to use Romantic Text Messages to Turn Woman On

How to use Romantic Text Messages to Turn Woman On

Using romantic text messages at the appropriate time can easily turn on any woman if you know how to go about it. Though women arousal comes from within and it takes a bit of time before it comes on, but how to know when and how to make that happen is what you’re going to learn in this post. Once you know how to excite her mind with words, you can make her wet in no time.

How to use Romantic Text Messages to Turn Woman OnThese Pointers will help you understand how to use romantic text messages to turn woman on

1. You need to find out what’s her interest first

Not every girl can be turn on with some certain thing especially things that they don’t fancy. For you to be able to turn woman on, you need to do your research and find out what is her interest, and that will help you in achieving your objectives ‘to turn her on’. Once you’re able to get that, you need to include it in your word repeatedly to get her attention, and then use romantic texts to complement on that.

2. Don’t text her at the wrong time

Another pointer here is that you need to text her at the appropriate time; never you try to text her during the day if you want to really turn her on. The best time to do that is in the night when she is about to sleep, especially when she’s on her bed. When you text at her bed time, she has no other things doing except to begin thinking about you if you text her the right romantic messages.

3. Be exciting and flirt with boldness in your text

You can’t be boring if you will include her interest repeatedly in your text, you’ll need to spice it up with some dirty questions that will excite her. Be courageous with your flirtation just as bad guy do and not that of nice guy, if she is not responding positively to your flirting text, you can stylishly said it’s just a joke and that neutralize the awkward feelings she might be feeling. But if she gives you red light with your flirting, then you are really in big time.

4. Include in your text an appreciation of her physical quality you most desire

Have you ever seen anyone that’s being praised that does not feel happy about it, is just like putting honey in your mouth, you won’t throw it out but rather send it in. She will love being praise and complimented most especially by guy she has feeling for. So, use the power of complimenting her physical feature to thrill her in your text and tells her how hot she is.

Blow her mind with sweet description of how sexy she looks in a certain way, don’t forget to mention her body curves and how you love her leg cut.

5. Don’t shy away from asking really dirty questions

Asking dirty question is the best way to engage a woman mind toward dirty talk. Charge her up with your dirty questions like “what part of a guy’s body really turns you on the most” “what are you wearing now” “what is the colour of your night dress” “”what is your favorite pant colour” and other dirty questions you can think of. All these get her turn on really big time. [Read; Flirting questions to ask any girls to turn her on]

Hide nothing in letting her know how much you cherish her and why you can’t get enough of her. Let her know too that you can’t even wait to meet and you’re ready to even rip her clothes off when you take a hold of her.

Really, putting all of these in your romantic text message to her will turn her on in no time. All of these answer the question of how to use romantic text messages to turn woman on. Please don’t forget to share this with your friends who might be interested in what you just read here, and you can make use of the comment box below to let me hear what you think about all of this. Before you go further, I will encourage you to watch this video presentation which will really teach how to flirt with any woman and turn her on with your text messages.

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