I Can’t Seem To Get Him Off My Head. 9 Ways To Know You Have Caught The Love Fever

There are some things about love that cannot be explained by mere words and if you have ever been in love before, you will agree with me that the love fever does exist.

Have you ever wondered what makes you think of only one person day in and day out?

Do you ever wonder what makes him so special and different from other guys?

The answer is simple! You have caught the love fever. How do you then know that is what it is or how can you explain all that you feel?

Here are some ways to show that you have contacted the love fever.

You feel anxious each time you see him:

9 Ways To Know You Have Caught The Love Fever

If it is a new relationship, you will surely have your emotions all over the place; you will feel butterflies in your stomach, your palms may be sweaty and you may even feel shy being around him. All these are completely normal, its just the love fever acting out.

You have peace inside of you:

There is something about falling in love that gives one calmness and peace of mind. It is one of the most exciting feelings one can ever have which makes you rest assured that you have someone dear to you who is yours.

Knowing that there is someone out there who means the world to you and who holds you dear to his heart is just enough to make you forget about all your worries.

You can’t stop thinking about him:

9 Ways To Know You Have Caught The Love Fever

If you have caught the love fever, you’ll find yourself thinking about him over and over again.

It would feel as if he is just stuck on your mind and despite what you do and no matter how busy you are, he is always in your thoughts.

Thinking about him makes you happy:

Have there been times you find yourself smiling for no just cause? Or have you laughed by something you remembered him say or do?

If yes then you have the love fever which means that you are surely in love with him.

If you can be happy when he is not there with you then imagine how happier you will be when he is around you.

You can’t wait to see him again:

9 Ways To Know You Have Caught The Love Fever

Have you anticipated seeing him again? Do you wish you could always be with him? Do you get excited knowing you will see him soon?

If your answer is yes, you most definitely have the love fever.

When you anticipate seeing your loved one again, it feels like you are expecting a surprise package that you can’t wait to unwrap.

You tell your friends about him:

If you have caught the love fever, you will want everyone around you to know because you cannot contain the joy you feel within you. It’s like having good news to share and keeping it all to yourself.

You will want your close friends to know who the love of your life is and the things he does to make you happy.

You always want to communicate with him:

If you have the love fever, you will find yourself wanting or yearning to hear from him all the time. You will want to hear his voice and read up messages from him all day long.

If there is a breach in communication, it feels as if something is missing in your life which makes you unhappy.

You believe everything he tells you:

Having the love fever makes you believe all he tells you because you cannot ever fathom that he would tell you a lie and so every word he utters is the gospel truth.

This is what having the love fever does to you.

You want to express your love to him:

If you have the love fever, you would want him to know how much he means to you and you will not hesitate to show or tell him. Doing this makes you feel happy because the love you have for him is also reciprocated.

So, if you are experiencing any of these, know that you have the love fever.

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