What Does real love relationship mean to you?

Many people who go into relationship aren’t aware their knowledge of what real love relationship entails is very critical if they must succeed.

Often times, people go into relationship wanting to relate with a partner who is tall, fair, dark, wealthy, handsome or beautiful instead of looking at true value and worth of the partner.

When you have got a clearer view of what you want in life, move ahead to estimate what real love relationship mean to you and the type of partner you’d admire to be with.

Real love relationship
Real love relationship

It is better to focus on the strengths of character, real values and integrity of the partner you’d love to be with rather than on transient things like physical look or beauty, wealth, age, way of life or social status, which may eventually lead to displeasure and dissatisfaction.

Concentrate more on his or her behaviors; what your partner stands for and what he or she brings into the relationship.

Fulfill Your Emotional Needs 

The reason why majority of relationship fail is because the partners feel emotionally unsatisfied. To discover and experience real love relationship life, you must be ready to fulfill the emotional needs of your partner and be open to receive his or hers.

Fulfillment or non fulfillment in a relationship is basically as a result of fulfillment or non fulfillment of each other’s emotional needs.

Emotional needs of individuals vary, but it majorly includes the following; needs for appreciation, understanding, being heard, recognition and respect. Each of the needs stands for how we demonstrate and articulate our love for our partners.

Reciprocally meeting each other’s emotional needs in any relationship leads to a deeper form of intimacy, trust and a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Inability to meet these needs on the other hand results to disparagement, depression, subjugation and disrespect which culminate in break-up, bitterness and a lack of trust. When we understand this dynamic, we are immediately empowered to improve any relationship.

You must be able to discover your emotional needs and if you think your partner is not helping you to meet them, discuss with him or her and also ask him or her, the emotional needs they hope you’d help them meet.

The best solution is to engage in conversation instead of pointing accusing finger or being irritable about the direction your relationship is going.

While trying to maintain a healthy relationship by fulfilling your partner’s emotional needs you should never neglect the importance of a fulfilled sex life.

Take care of your real love relationship and sexual intimacy

Sexual intercourse in relationship is like a mixture of mortar that cements and sticks the bricks together. The significance of maintaining your sex routine can never be over emphasized.

If you’re a man, you must be able to constantly satisfy your woman in bed if you hope to build extraordinary relationship with her and if you are a woman, same is applicable to you.

Nurture real love relationship and romantic life

At this point, consider your love life together. Do you feel satisfied with your love life with your partner? Is there unfulfilled need you’d love to meet?

Is your sexual relationship with your partner opening you up for more love and unreserved love or is it limiting your ability to wholly share your loving heart and innermost being?

Finding and attaining real love relationship life is equally fulfilling and joyful for both partners. It ought to make you both feel free and liberal with your love for each other.

You give without reservation and broaden your heart to receive also without reservation from your partner.

This is the time that you both will experience the true ecstasy of being in love.

You feel like pouring your entire self out into your partner who invariably readily reciprocates by overflowing into you as well. This is the stage you begin to love and relate in an extraordinary way.

Your two hearts have been mingled together and you know by instincts what pleases or goes well for your partner and always go for it. This form of exceptional  relationship tends to spur you both to do your very best to ensure the happiness and safety of your spouse or relationship partner.

Having got to this point you must work hard to remain at that state. You’d be tempted to think you may lose it one day but the more able you stick to this level of relationship, the more easily you are to build real love relationship life.

The final result you get when you have built real love relationship life is worthy of all your effort. Although it is tasking; it is better to work at it gradually than build a a fake love relationship that will lead to heart breaks and agony.

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