7 Top Reasons We All love Boxing Day

Have you ever met anybody who doesn’t love boxing day? Many people would be dealing with what I call post-Christmas blues today. After all the exertions of yesterday, it is only normal to feel like you want to lie in bed all day long.

love boxing day

Some people though, would wish the Christmas festivities goes on for ever. Unfortunately for them, we just have to get on with life after Christmas. And the first day we have to negotiate is boxing day.

Fact is, many people love boxing day without ever thinking about it. Or seeing the need to articulate those reasons.

Traditionally, boxing day is the day we open our gifts and express all sorts of emotions depending on whether we like or are disappointed with the gifts we got from loved ones and well wishers.

These days though, gifts are mostly exchanged and opened prior to or on Christmas day. So what happens on boxing day depends on what you really want to do.

Generally, these are the reasons we love boxing day:

No more Christmas exertions till next year

love boxing day

You remember how busy you were the previous day? Today is that day you don’t have to cut meat, chop vegetables or make sure there are enough chilled drinks and foods in the fridge.

Today is that day you sit back and relax thinking you don’t have to do any of these things again for another year.

Unless you are involved in the planning of major events like a wedding in the coming year, you’d have no more stress of this sort for 364 days.

You don’t have to do anything all day

love boxing day

Boxing day is one day you can decide to stay at home all day in your pajamas. I know many people who do that. Figuratively though.

They just decide they won’t do anything on boxing day. A young couple with little kids though would not have that luxury on boxing day.

You know kids, they have to be given their boxing day treats like taking them to the amusement Park or go to visit friends and family.

But if you are single, or a couple with grown up kids, or just a couple without kids, you can decide not to do anything beyond taking your bath and thinking about stuff.

Binge on TV all day

love boxing day

On the other hand, boxing day is one day you could decide to sit at home and watch all your favourite TV shows and catch up on movies you had planned to watch.

This is one day you have all the time in the world to clear your computer hard drive of all pending movies; movies you downloaded and never had time to watch.

Read your favourite books

love boxing day

Another reason to love boxing day is the fact you can also curl up in your favourite chair or your bed and bury yourself in good novels.

And you can decide not to do anything else all day long except read that book. After all, the leftover Christmas food is just waiting for you to microwave and eat up if you get hungry.

You can go anywhere or nowhere

love boxing day

The fact you can get to leave home and decide to go anywhere without a particular destination in mind is another good reason to love boxing day.

This is a splendid idea if you want to avoid more exertions from visits by friends, family or loved ones. Point is, you don’t want to repeat the stress of the previous day.

So just go out to places where you’d be left alone to do whatever you want to do.

Although it is a good idea if your partner is with you. Both of you can get to spend quality time together without any distractions.

A stocked Fridge is one good reason to love boxing day

love boxing day

The state of the fridge is one of the reason I love boxing day. No matter what happens, the fridge on boxing day tends to be stocked with all sorts of foods and drinks.

One can make so many trips to the fridge knowing that what awaits is something nice to delight anybody.

Football On TV all day

love boxing day

One of the biggest reasons for loving boxing day is the football on TV. For fans of English football, boxing day football is really the icing on the cake.

The football matches start at around midday and go on all day.

The combination of drinks in the fridge, enough time, and football on TV is almost unbeatable. I can’t imagine boxing day without football on TV.

So do you have other reasons to love boxing day? Alternatively though, you might be one of those unique people who don’t love boxing day. Please, we would love to know why you might dislike boxing day.

Use the comments section below to tell us your thoughts.

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