Never Refrigerate These Foods! Number 5 Would Surprise You

Discovering that there are some foods we should never refrigerate was bad news to me. Here is why: as a bachelor, the fridge is a life-saver. It is always stocked with all kinds of foods to keep them fresh. Since I decided to go healthy and natural by throwing out canned and processed foods, the fridge became even more important to keep my natural foods fresh.

Never refrigerate

I wonder why I am just finding out I should never refrigerate some foods. It’s stuff like this I consider a real motivation to review my friends list, not on Facebook or any online social forum, but in real life.

What is the point of having numerous friends if they can’t tell educate me about something as important as what not to keep in the fridge?

Luckily for you, I am here with a well-researched list of foods you should never refrigerate if you want to get the benefits of the healthy nutrients in them. Let’s do this fast, so you can go clear your fridge.

1.Never Refrigerate Potato

Never refrigerateFor potatoes, it is all about the starch. And that is what you need if you want to enjoy your potato-based meal.

Keeping potatoes in your cold fridge would quickly turn the starch into sugar. This of course changes the taste of the potatoes. While the smooth texture of potato that we love becomes gritty due to the effect of the intense cold.

The best place to store potato is definitely outside of your fridge. Preferably in a carton at room temperature. Plastics containers are not nearly as good. Potatoes rot faster in them.

2.Never Refrigerate Onions

For some ladies reading this, I bet you’d say, ‘What kind of knuckle head keeps onions in the fridge.’ I am that kind of knuckle head. And don’t be surprised some women do it too.

Putting onions in the fridge would turn them moldy, soft and completely unusable. The moisture does that to the onions.

I used to think the onions I bought were not good that was why they got soft and moldy in the fridge. Poor me.

Like potatoes, the best place to keep onions is in a cool dry place. But never store both of them in the same container. They both rot fast when stored together.


Never refrigerateAvocado has being implicated in so many benefits to our health. As an aphrodisiac, it’s one of the fruits you can’t go wrong with. That is why some people call it super food.

Refrigerators fortunately don’t actually destroy the best parts of avocados. If you bought unripe avocados you want to eat in a hurry, don’t put them in the fridge. It would take forever to ripen.

On the other hand, if you are lucky to buy ripe ones, you can definitely store them in the fridge if you don’t want to eat them immediately.


Garlic suffers almost the same fate like onions in the fridge with the added fact that it might start to sprout. One thing for sure, keeping garlic in the fridge will make it rubbery making them well-nigh useless.

That would be a sad waste of something that is so beneficial in many ways.

Outside the fridge in a cold dry place is the best place for the wonderful garlic.

5.Bread should not be in the Fridge

Never refrigerateStoring bread in the fridge is very common. Even among people who should know better. Yes, I am referring to all the wife materials out there.

The fridge would dry the bread very quickly. Ironically we keep bread in fridge to keep them fresh.

Again, the best place for bread is on the counter at room temperature. On the other hand, we can store bread in the freezer. That is, if we want to eat them over at most, a four-day period.

Before you dump the bread in the freezer, make sure it is wrapped properly in its cellophane bag to retain its moisture. Thaw it out properly when you decide to eat it.

6.Never Refrigerate Olive oil

Though I don’t use olive oil, I intend to start using it very soon. I hear it has some very important health benefits.

So it is cool I already know to never refrigerate it. Storing it in the fridge would condense it and make it harder. You definitely don’t want you olive oil looking and feeling like butter.

7.Never Refrigerate Coffee

You want your coffee to retain its flavor? You want your coffee not to acquire strange odors? Then keep it out of the fridge. Apart from making it loose that special flavor, coffee can soak in the odors of all those other stuff you keep in the fridge giving it a strange cocktail of unpleasant flavors.

That’s another way of saying you won’t enjoy drinking that coffee again.


People, it is not necessary to refrigerate honey. Honey can stay good practically forever outside the fridge. Just make sure it is tightly sealed. Refrigerating honey makes it to lose it consistency by causing crystals to form in it.

Okay, that’s it for the ones I know of. If you have any to add to the list, feel free to do so in our comments section below or you can head to Facebook or Twitter to do the same.

Meanwhile, go clear out your fridge. Cheers

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