5 Reasons Not To Get Christmas Gifts For Your Girlfriend

For some people, the notion they won’t get Christmas gifts for their girlfriend is not up for discussion. To them, getting gifts for loved ones at this time of the year is a compulsory ritual. Not doing it is almost blasphemous.

get christmas gifts

For these set of peeps, I employ you to have an open mind and stick with me. The plan is to convince you there is an alternate universe where you don’t get Christmas gifts for your girlfriend.

On the other hand, there are folks who don’t need much to convince them about that. Yours truly is firmly in that camp.

A third group seat on the fence. They get Christmas gifts without much passion or thought. You know what I mean if you are in this group.

You just walk into a mall, your mind heavy with important stuff. Your shopping strategy is simple: pick the first nice stuff that falls within your budget and walk out.

The gift you end up picking must tick one important box: you’ve never bought it before.

Here is hoping by the time you are done reading this, you dump the idea you must get Christmas gifts for your girlfriend.

She might not appreciate them

get christmas gifts

Here is the thing: if your relationship with her has been on for a long term, you both must have spent quite a number of Christmas together. Invariably, that means you’ve bought tons of Christmas gifts for your girlfriend in the past.

You have to admit repeating something can suck the joy out of doing that thing. Why not find something creative to do instead of buying a gift this year.

Don’t be scared she might be mad at you. Chances are, she might be dying for something new to spice up the Christmas; instead of the by now dull and boring annual ritual of exchange of gifts.

Use the money for something else

get christmas gifts

Once you made the decision not to get Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, a whole world of possibilities opens up for you. There is money that needs to be spent to justify not getting a gift for her.

Some suggestions are

1. You can take her on a romantic trip during the holiday period. Just blow her mind with the package you come up with. She’d love you for that I promise.

2. You can use the money to get one or two household items. Better still, why not give your apartment a good make-over as her Christmas gift.

3. Or use the money on something you cherish very much. Your car for instance. Give it a that long overdue face-lift.

get christmas gifts

She’d understand if you explained where the money for her Christmas gift went to. After all, both of you would benefit as you cruise around in the sleek looking ride.

There are so many other creative ways you can spent the money. Just put that creative part of your brain to work.

Get Christmas gifts for others

get christmas gifts

Here, she has to be completely on board. So you have to talk to her about using the money to buy gifts for others.

One good example is to get gifts for the little nieces and nephews you both have. The kids would really squeal with joy.

And let me tell you, hearing the voices of kids jumping around with joy as they admire their gifts is one of the nicest sounds in the world.

You both can take this a bit further. Why not look for orphanages or homes for less privilege kids and take gifts to them.

These are people who would appreciate that show of love without reservations. You need to do something like that from time to time. Even if it is to remind yourself that God has blessed you immensely.

New Year expenses

get christmas gifts

Though this is very obvious, it is most times tricky to explain to your partner about the need to plan for January.

January is notorious as a difficult and hard month after the expenses of the previous month.

For once, why not save the money you’d have spent to get gifts for your girlfriend for January expenses.

Admittedly, it won’t make sense if your January bill is very large compared to the gift. But then, every little bit you save counts in the long run.

At the very least, that might teach both of you a thing or two about managing the finances of the home. Or how to effectively plan for the future.

Someone once told me it is the little expenses like Christmas gifts for your girlfriend that ultimately drains your account. I believe that from personal experience.

Tough times are here

get christmas gifts

This just had to be said. So in case you are into getting expensive Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, this is one season you have a good excuse to quit that habit.

Times are tough. The out-of-control inflation and resulting recession has made it impossible to reasonably get expensive gifts for most folks.

Any reasonable, well-grounded lady would understand if you decided you have to suspend getting her a gift because of the economy.

There you have them. Some very good reasons you won’t get Christmas gifts for your girlfriend this year. There must be dozens of other reasons out there I did not mention.

If you know of more reasons not to get Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, share them with us in the comment section below.

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Cheers and compliments of the season.

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