Unique Wedding ideas for you and your guests

Oftentimes brides and bridegroom look forward to incorporating their unique wedding ideas to be part of their special day. This can be to make their wedding more fun or more personal. If you are looking forward to a few ways to make your day unique and special, these unique wedding ideas may interest you!

Try these extra entertaining unique wedding ideas

Try to incorporate the unanticipated, unconventional entertainments, such as tarot card readers, Impromptu movie and flip book stations. This is a booth where guests produce impromptu movies and create mini books.

unique wedding ideas
unique wedding ideas

To choose what sort of activity to incorporate, it would be nice to consider which form of activity that the both of you would enjoy to take part in. Your shared interest can serve as an acceptable wedding inspiration.

If you met at a comedy club, you may wish to hire a stand-up comic for your wedding day celebration. You can as well use your tradition as your inspiration.

You may invite to your wedding party and surprise their guests with ethnic dancers or musicians who share a set with the band.

You may also hire square dance instructors and get them teach your guests to do a line dance. This can serve as a fantastic unique wedding idea for your day.

Try Wine-tasting unique wedding ideas

If you want a fun filled and an interactive cocktail hour idea, you may wish to provide “flights,” or one to two-ounce tastes of three different types of wines.

Provide the entire guest with a little notebook with information about the flavor notes. In addition to that if you can supply your own wine without being charged corkage fees, these unique wedding ideas are less pricey than a few specialty bars.

Hire a local mobile Food canteen

After the wedding dinner and while your guests are still dancing, you may invite hired local mobile food canteen to surprise your guests with snacks. Plan with a local mobile food vendor to have his truck packed outside your event.

Provide your guests a ticket to allow them go over to the truck and be offered a snack, after which they return to the hall and continue with their dancing. What form of snacks to serve your guests is up to you and also depends on what is trendy in your area.

You may wish to serve your guests with snacks that are adorned with the initials of the bride and the groom. This can serve as a fantastic unique wedding idea. Brown trucks are always known for serving breakfast foods like waffles and pancakes for a late-night snacks.

Personalizing Your Guest Books are another great unique wedding ideas

Many couples incorporate photo booths into their wedding day celebration. If you are interested in doing something unique and special, provide your guests with dry-erase boards and markers and set up a multicolored curtain as a background.

When they write their messages to the happy couple, they are being photographed while they stand in front of the curtain. This is an interactive, inexpensive unique wedding idea you can even use a friend who has an iPhone to take the photographs and when you put the pictures in one album, it serves as a form of guest book.

Create a Campfire Feel

If you are holding your wedding reception outdoors, you can create a relaxation area where your guests can hang out and talk. You can create a lounge with a coffee station and serve lattes and hot toddies.

You can invite an acoustics guitarist’s play and get your guests thrilled while at the same time the guests could join in the singing while you serve small sliders, grilled cheese and small s’mores.

Incorporate a Sweet Treat

As a replacement for the place of a traditional favor, you may send your guests home and make them joyous with a midnight snack. Offer them milk and mini donuts in takeaway boxes.

Alternatively, You can hand out packages of cookies iced with your monogram or beribboned boxes that hold two artisanal chocolates or yet small tins of a specialty tea.

Try chef-hosted stations are fantastic unique wedding ideas

Guests are thrilled to have a chef prepare a dish just for them. Some of the food you could incorporate in a chef-hosted station is an heirloom tomato salad bar with local tomatoes and cheeses. You can also incorporate gazpacho made to order.

The key is to use the special food in your region or location. If out-of-town guests can’t get it at home, it’s a unique wedding idea and a special treat.

Tomato bar usually get an enormous squash of people, however, using local foods can be a hit. Try to incorporate all the foods and specialties of the locals that fall within 100 miles from your wedding location.

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