10 Fun Activities to have with Your Kids

10 Fun Activities to have with Your Kids

Most parents are busy species. Nowadays parents hardly have time to get together and have quality time with their kids. They are most often immersed in their jobs and business. That is why it is very important for them to enroll their kids in learning enrichment after school program so that the kids will continue learning and keep their brains sharp as well as meet and make new friends.

Most fathers believe that since they are providing the money and taking care of their children’s needs, then things are sorted out. No problems. But this is often the contrary. Children need the attention of their parents, especially teenagers. On the other hand, those who have time for their kids, do not have an idea of the things they can do to have fun with them.

Most parents think it is wrong for them to play with their kids. They believe that when they play with them, their kids will not take them seriously when they give them instructions. Having fun with your kids does not prevent you from disciplining them when they become naughty.

Make them understand that you are there for them, you love them and will do anything to make them happy, but you are not willing to tolerate naughty behaviors. When it is time to play with them, you play and when it is time to discipline them, you do so. Set your standards and they will understand you.

10 ways to have fun with your kids
10 ways to have fun with your kids

There are so many reasons to have fun activities with your children. Having fun together with your kids makes them feel loved and belonged. You will get to understand them and know their weak points. It helps you as a parent bond with them.

This will make them feel at ease with you and want to discuss anything with you. They learn different mental and locomotive skills that will help them perform better at school. It also help them learn to socialize.

10 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

  1. Take them out for shopping. When shopping, they learn about different kinds of items sold in the market. as you shop, tell them what each item is used for because they are very inquisitive and will always ask questions.
  2. Play games such as word games, snakes and ladder, chess, etc. This helps to develop their thinking faculty so they are able to develop the ability to solve problems.
  3. Go for a picnic together
  4. Tell them stories about your childhood and other past events in the family. This help them understand their roots and relate with what they are experiencing at their own time.
  5. Visit friends and families together. This will help them know your friends, their uncles, aunties, cousins and other family members.
  6. Go on vacations to visit other countries and localities. This will help them learn and respect various cultures and values of other people.
  7. Bake and cook together. Even if they have no idea of how to do it and they probably get themselves and everywhere dirty, allow them practice and play with them.
  8. Have a rooster for family exercise, may be on weekends. Exercising like jogging, running and other sport activities are good ways to train them physically and they develop the habit of keeping fit.
  9. Visit the zoo and go for sight seeing to discover things by themselves.
  10. Visit the library and read books there. Teaching your kids to learn the habit of reading is way of helping them to learn on their own.

The need to play with your kids can never be overemphasized. It is a great form of child development and family bonding.  

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