7 Really Important Things Money Can’t Buy You In Life

Any time you utter the phrase, ‘The rich also cry.’ You’d get nods of approval from people around. That phrase underlines how life can just be a real drag. You work hard to make money. To buy things. Then you discover there are many things money can’t buy no matter how rich you are.

things money can't buy

That said, there are many folks who would rather have the money and cry. They don’t care about the things money can’t buy. They would rather be unhappy, sad or depressed but still have tons of money in the bank.

In a way, having lots of money mitigates the impact of the negatives life throws at you. On the other hand, the saying, ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown’ is a stab at the problems of having too much money and power.

Apparently, you would never know all this until you are so stinking rich you don’t know what to do with it.

However, before you get to that rich future, get a load of the things money can’t buy you.

Things money can’t buy in life.

1. Money can’t buy enough of it.

things money can't buy

Have you ever wondered why the richest folks always seem to be the most hard working? To the outside world, they have enough money not to bother. But they never rest in their bid to get more of it.

This is simply because you can never get enough money.

Making money imposes a duty on you to spend on things and acquire a new lifestyle. It becomes imperative to continue making money to keep up that lifestyle.

And the more money you make, the more you need to buy the latest and the best. And the harder you need to work to make even more money to pay for your new expensive tastes. It is a never-ending cycle.

2. Money can’t buy time

No matter how rich you become, you have the same allotted time in a day as the poorest of the poor.

When you become rich and very busy, one thing you are always short of is time. You would have so many things to do and it gets worse by the day.

That is why many people claim time is the only important resource we have. Unfortunately, nobody can get more of it.

3. It can’t get you true friends.

things money can't buy

The rich tend to be surrounded by the so many people. To the wider world, they must be basking in the glow of friendships.

However, true friends are one of the things money can’t buy. When you are rich, most of the people around you are there to feather their nest.

You might get loyalty and respect because of the money. But you would never know who your true friends are.

4. Money can’t buy good character


things money can't buy

Patience, kindness, humility are some of the traits that separate good compassionate people from obnoxious twats.

When it comes to character, becoming stinking rich actually brings out the worst in people. Because you have money, you might think you can do anything.

Trampling on others to get your way may just become your default character. So if you have that tendency to be bad, getting money would just make it more visible to others.

5. It can’t buy love from a partner

things money can't buy

One conundrum rich people face is this: does my partner love me because of my money? Would they abandon me if I lost all the money I have?

Those questions aside, rich people discover they need to put in the effort to make a relationship work. Having money doesn’t guarantee your partner would keep on loving you.

Sometimes, the money could be the sole reason for all the problems in the relationship.

6. It doesn’t give you the family you desire.

things money can't buy

Many people are of the opinion that once you are made, everything else would fall into place. This includes family ties.

When you ignore or step on your family in your quest for money, don’t think those ties would be mended once you hit it big. As a matter of fact, there would be a lot of resentment from family if you try to use your wealth to repair the damages.

Families are very wary and hard to members who behave badly. You wealth would never get you anywhere with close family members if you don’t show them respect.

7. Peaceful mind

things money can't buy

If you think money can bring you peace, think again. With more money comes more things to worry about.

In life, the people who have least worries are those with nothing to lose. Because you have money, you worry about thieves, about fraudsters, about new projects and how to complete them.

You worry about whom to help, who not to help and how much to give whoever asks for help. You are constantly worrying about all that while at the same time making sure you don’t get broke.

So these are some of the things money can’t buy. In other words, money can’t buy you happiness. Of course, this is not implying that being poor is better.

Simply keep everything in perspective. Never go over the top to make money. And when you do get it, don’t lose yourself in it. It is not worth it in the final analysis.

So do you know of other things money can’t buy? Let us know about them in the comments section below. Please, remember to share this on Facebook and Twitter with your friends.


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