Spending Money Or Time With Your Children, Which Is More Important

Spending Money Or Time With Your Children, Which Is More Important

Money is good, when you have money, you can do anything you wish to do except maybe some few thing. Living a poor life is never an experience you can even wish your enemy. To watch your children grow up is never an easy task, from the toddler, to adolescent and seeing them grow past that age, is not easy if you ask any parent.

Spending Money Or Time With Your Children, Which Is More ImportantEverything here requires money for your children up-keeps, and then we talk of spending time as well. Now, spending money on your children and spending time with them, which of these is more important? I agree that both of them are important, and everyone will like to place money ahead of time with their children, but I’m not going in that line of thinking.

My belief is that, it is more important to spend time with your children than spending money on them.

Why did I hold such believes?

Here is my opinion, you may not agree with me, but I’m sure, you will see reasons that make enough senses to convince you, and make you change your perception on money on children or time with them in order of importance.

If all you know is to just give your children money and buy them whatever they ask you to buy, and whatever you think will be good for them, without spending much time with them, you’re not building a good home.

Yes of course, there is a place for money, in fact, there are many places for money if I may put that way. But no matter how many wealth you have, not spending TIME with your children can still come back to haunt you. You will say how possible is that, when you have all the money?

Fine, there is a place for money and there is a place for children. Even though you may not feel it now, when you become old, you will feel it. If you have children that don’t visit you, or only visit once in a blue moon when you’re already aging, you won’t really be happy with such child as compare to the one that always come to visit you as papa or mama at home.

Maybe you should ask any old man or woman, what was their joy when any of their children comes around to visit them at home which may even be in the village.

Do you think if you don’t spend much time with them as they are growing up, they will spend much time with you as you have become old? I think the answer is obvious. Only very few will remember to spend much time with you, and that will be possible only if you’re lucky enough to have such rare child.

Here is why spending time with your children is more important than spending money with them. It is only when you spend time with them you will be able to understand their need, their feelings and how you can really fulfilled their desire. And that is when you’re building a family, they too will feel they have parent that love them and parent that understand the joy of having children.

When you really spend time with your children, that is when you can really teach them about life, about what value you hold as father or mother. Surely, once you focus on the needs of your child and ensure you are doing all you can to meet them; your efforts will be rewarded.

As a good parent, you will not love it, when you see your children being thought outside, you will not be happy with it. You know it is your responsibility to teach them but someone else is doing it, and in most cases, they are wrongly being thought. Instead of them to hold your value, they hold someone else wrong value.

Spending time with your children is much more rewarding, because you’re going to have a healthy, happy and loving family.

I enjoy the bond of love in my family because we spend much time together and it really makes us grow happier with lots of joy in our heart. I will end it up here by saying this; spend more time with your children, don’t educate them to be rich alone, but educate them to be happy, so that they will know the value of things.

Over to you now, what is your honest opinion about the important of spending more time with your children to just spending money on them. Feel free to use the comment box below to let me know what you think about it. Don’t also forget to share this post, if you enjoy it with any of the social media icons below.

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  1. I love spending time with my children. Getting to know what they like and dislike in the now, because of course they change over time. Finding out what is bothering them or brings them joy. I hate to see my children in pain and wish I could just magically fix it for them. Instead I try to help them by listening and seeing what they need to make it better. I want my children to be advocates for themselves. My husband has different ideas and feels that giving them money will make them happy. I totally disagree, but can’t make him understand that spending time with them now is so important. I always tell my kids as long as I am alive I will be there to listen to them and help them. I have seen my kids being bullied and that has been extremely difficult to see them go through that, but I have talked about it with them and we have come up with strategies to get through it or have gotten help from others that deal with it every day. I want my kids to know that when they are struggling with something there are people they can talk to and ways to get help. Some times just talking to some one you trust can make the situation so much better. I truly believe that as a parent I need to listen to understand and not listen to just reply. Some people just need you to listen and not give any answers.

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