Are you wasting your time in that relationship? 7 sure signs that tell you this

There are often times in a relationship people may not know where their relationship is heading. In as much as it is possible to think you know the future of your relationship, it is also possible not to know.

From stories I hear, a lot of people waste precious time in relationships and they may or may not even be aware of this until it is already too late.

It is therefore a good thing if you know what those signs are so you know if you are wasting your time or not.

Knowing what those signs are will save you a lot of stress and you will be able to use your time for something else.

There are several signs that can prove to you that you are wasting your time in that relationship and these signs are:

Feeling out of place:

Are you wasting your time in that relationship

There may be times in your relationship you feel out of place and the only thing that will make you feel this way is if you are not happy in that relationship which could be as a result of many factors.

You are definitely wasting your time in that relationship if your partner has no time for you or if he doesn’t put you into consideration when making decisions.

These and lots more are enough to make you sad in that relationship and also surely make you feel out of place.

Not knowing his or her whereabouts:

You’ll be wasting your time in that relationship if your partner hides things from you.

If he or she is always secretive about their whereabouts then know something is wrong.

If he or she doesn’t deem it fit to open up to you about wherever they are then know you are wasting your time.

Not knowing about their finances:

Are you wasting your time in that relationship

It gets to a point in a relationship where partners should know about one another’s financial status that is if they are serious about the relationship.

If your partner therefore hides this from you then he or she probably doesn’t trust you and if there is no trust in a relationship, what’s the point?

Not knowing things about them:

If you are dating someone and you do not know things about him or her like some members of their family, where they are from etc, then know you are just wasting your time.

Why stay in a relationship if you do not know which family your partner belongs to?

They don’t discuss anything meaningful:

If you are in a relationship and all your partner talks about is trivial issues then you might be wasting your time.

Whoever is serious about you will say sensible things and surely bring up topics that relate to the future for both of you.

If your partner avoids talking about such things then you are probably wasting your time with him or her.

They don’t help you fulfill your goals:

If your partner is not concerned about your goals and accomplishments and if he or she is not interested in helping you fulfill them then you are wasting your time in that relationship.

In relationships, partners ought to be of help to one another so if you do not see this happening in your relationship; you are wasting your time.

You feel like you are trying too hard to impress:

Whoever loves you genuinely will love you no matter what. If you find yourself doing so much to impress your partner then you might be wasting your time.

Why should your partner give you a hard time if he or she really loves you? I just see it as wickedness when such things happen.

Even if your partner is testing you, it should not be for a very long time but when it is prolonged it is an entirely different story.

Do not waste your time in any relationship that is not worth it. Be familiar with these signs and do not be taken unawares.

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