After One Year Of Being A Couple: 10 Thoughts That Show The Relationship Is Not Meant To Be

The first 12 months of romantic relationships can rush by us before we even know. This is the phase where everything seems perfect; nothing can go wrong. But after one year of being a couple, we should have a pretty good idea who we are dating even if the headiness of new love is still in us.

after one year of being a couple

For some people though, that first year is the time to tread carefully. It is the time of testing the waters to find common grounds with a new partner. In other words, it is the year of getting to know the partner and find out if they are compatible with you.

That said, after one year of being a couple, you should have discovered the most important things about your partner. These are the stuff you can use to predict the future of the relationship.

So what are the thoughts that show the relative health of the relationship? Are these thoughts the warning signs you should carry on or re-evaluate the relationship for everybody’s sake?

Read on the find out more the sort of thoughts that might mean the relationship is not going to last after one year of being a couple.

1. Can’t imagine spending the rest of your life with them

after one year of being a couple

In the beginning of a romantic relationship, everything seems possible. The beginning is always like a fairy tale with a happy ending.

But after one year of being a couple, if you start thinking of your future without your lover in it, the relationship is heading for the rocks. Perhaps, the chemistry between you two isn’t that strong enough for a future together.

Point is, after one year, you would have realized there are some essential ingredients missing in your partner to preclude a future together.

2. You wonder if you could put up with some habits any longer

after one year of being a couple

When we go into a new relationship, we take the perceived flaws in our partners as part of the package. Some even see these flaws as what makes their partner unique.

In most cases, we hope the flaws would disappear.

However, people don’t really change. One year later, you might find yourself wondering if you can put up with that habit for much longer.

Actually, you can’t. It is either your partner changes or you would start thinking of a life without them.

3. Looking for more space and time alone

If after one year of being a couple you suddenly want more time alone, you are not ready for a long relationship.

Two things might be at play here. You might begin to think the relationship had run its course or that your partner is holding you back.

Either ways, thinking you want more time and freedom away from your lover is a good sign the relationship is heading for the rocks.

4. Intimacy is now boring

after one year of being a couple

If you stop looking forward to intimate moments because you find them boring, you have a very serious problem.

Few relationships can survive without intimacy. This is the time when you start looking outside the relationship to satisfy your needs.

Sooner or later, you would have to acknowledge that the relationship is going nowhere fast.

5. You think your partner is annoying

Having doubts about a relationship can be expressed in several ways without actually saying so.

One obvious way is if you begin to believe your partner is annoying. You won’t be able to point at anything specific. You are simply angry with them and tend to pick up quarrels very often. Sometimes for no reason.

This is just your subconscious mind pushing you to admit the relationship is over. You are now fishing for excuses to end the relationship.

6. Thinking of your ex more often

One year of being together is enough to become fully immersed in the relationship.

If you begin to think of your ex more often and even start to wonder if they are still single, your current relationship is in deep trouble.

Come on, after a year of being a couple is long enough to banish thoughts of an ex from your mind.

Granted you should think of your ex occasionally. But it is bad when you do it often. This shows you want out.

7. Thinking about going out alone

after one year of being a couple

In any healthy affair, you want to go out with your partner all the time. Any important event or occasion would be incomplete without them being with you.

But if you find yourself looking for reasons to go out alone, it is just a short hop to thinking you don’t want to continue the relationship.

The cap it all, if your relationship is not going great after one year, it is not likely to get better. You would begin to question many aspects of the affair. Things that once made your partner tick would be stale. It is your instincts telling you it’s time to move on.

Do you have anything to add about the red flags of a year-long relationship? Do you think relationships with these red flags can be salvaged? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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