14 Ways to Help You Stay Married Forever

14 Ways to Help You Stay Married Forever

After the marriage ceremonies are over, what is often on the mind of the new couple is; how to make the marriage last forever. You take a long look at the person you just married and you wonder if you have made the right choice. But, then, you reassure yourself, certainly you made the right choice. And you realize that you are going to spend the rest of your life with this man by your side. Sometimes fear creeps into your mind. But you remember your vow… “till death do us part”. You made this vow before God Almighty, you must keep it. Right? So you decide there and then that you must make it last forever.

You are new with no experience whatsoever. Two people from different family background and different life experiences just made a decision to live together forever. How intriguing. But wait! You have heard of so many broken homes, divorce cases, and family problems and you want to avoid them by all cost.

You heard that in-laws are one of the reasons for some marriage breakups, so you decide to take a decision to keep your in-laws away from your marriage, that Jane’s’ marriage broke up because her husband was having extra-marital affairs, so you decide you will chaperon your husband and monitor his every move.

You forget that one man’s experience is different from another person’s experience. You do not need to use what caused other marriages to fail to use as a driving force and act on them on yours without applying some wisdom to it. Rather, you should pray and ask God to give you the wisdom to fulfill your vow to your spouse.

To have a marriage that last happily forever is not an easy task. In fact, there is nothing like happily ever after marriage. As the saying goes, marriage is a school that you don’t graduate from until you die. Because human beings are bound to change over time, so adjustment is needed to accommodate such change.

Therefore, you keep learning and learning. You are bound to experience some ups and downs; bitter sweet moments, which makes it a great experience to have, for which everyone wants to experience it.

14 Ways to Help You Stay Married forever
14 Ways to Help You Stay Married forever

To help you out, below are 14 different ways to have a marriage that lasts forever:

  • The first thing you need to do is to hand over your marriage to God almighty. Put God first in your marriage and ask Him for the wisdom to fulfill your part of the vow. trust me, there is nothing you can do without God. Even your marriage.
  • You should model your marriage after those families who have had a successful marriage. In as much as you try to model your family after theirs, only emulate methods that center on general perspective. What everyone else consider to be right. Do not compare, but find out why those methods have worked for them and consider if it will work for you too. You know what your spouse likes and dislikes, so you should find out if the method will work for you too. Do not enforce these methods on your spouse, act on them and your spouse will reciprocate.
  • Read motivational books that center on making a successful marriage and family life. As humans, we often times forget what we knew and sometimes go astray. To put us right and help us behave better, we need writing down laws and principles to guide us everyday. Therefore, reading books on family life goes a long way to help us know what to do in some trying situations.
  • Communicate with your spouse often and find out what they think, what they like. Both of you should always make sure you come to an agreement on how things should be done around the house.
  • Wives should always remember that their husbands are the head of the family, and their decisions and ideas must be respected. As a wife, if you have a different idea in mind, politely talk to your husband about it and make him see reasons why you think this way. Do not try to go against his wish without sorting things out with him
  • When you are wrong, admit it. do not claim right and make your spouse look stupid, it only aggravates matters. Always say ‘Am sorry’. It is a strong healer of wrongs.
  • Make your spouse your only best friend and confidant. When you have a problem from work or otherwise, discourse it together. Two heads are better than one. When both of you go over it, you will definitely find a way to solve it.
  • Take a few trips together. If your kids are able to stay alone while you are gone, leave them out and go alone with your spouse. Otherwise, always go with them until they are older. You may leave them with a nanny if they have one. It is also necessary you go out with your kids once in a while.
  • Wives should treat their husbands as a king. serve his meal in an attractive and very ceremonious way that makes him enjoy the meal, even though the food is not very tasty. On the other hand, husbands should treat their wives as their queen. Show her you love and treasure her everyday by any means possible. Appreciate her for the food and other things she does to keep the house together. Compliment her looks and make her feel she is the most beautiful woman on earth.
  • Pray together everyday. Do not pray only on specific days. Everyday is required for you to make a connection together with God. As the saying goes, family that prays together, stays together. Praying together helps unite your interest and make your problem your spouse’s problem and problems can be solved easily.
  • Never speak ill about your spouse to anyone. If you have an issue, sort it out together without the need to quarrel and fight.
  • Do things together. Attend church together. Have fun together. Attend occasions together.
  • Accept each other’s weaknesses and uphold each other’s strong points.
  • Divorce should never be an option. Some people come to marriage with a mindset that if things do not work out, they will get a divorce, so this mindset propels them to end the marriage when they start to have problems, instead of looking for ways to solve the problem.

If you follow the above points, trust me, you are sure to stay married forever. Nevertheless, marriage is a lifetime commitment, therefore, look before you leap. Do not marry a person with the hope of changing them.

Choose to marry your friend. Before you go to the alter, make sure both of you know and understand what you want from each other.

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