Avoid Relationship problems: How To Enjoy Your Relationship

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4. Know the difference between love and trust

If you obviously want to enjoy your relationship without headache or heartbreak, you must learn to decipher the difference between love and lust. That is the simple truth. It really baffles me how so many of us find it so difficult to point out when infatuation is in disguise of love.

Let me tell you, that someone comes around you and plays with you does not mean that he or she can be your lover let alone answering your life partner. Do you know why I said so? All that glitters is not gold. Conversely, it is not everyone that falls in love with you remains in love with you.

Some are there to flirt around with you; catch fun with you and enjoy your company. To this class of people, you are a friend but not a lover. Mark my words; taking this class of people so serious in relationship is dangerous and risky. Yes! They are not there to stay in your life.

They are there for the meantime, and will certainly find their way out. Therefore, for you to enjoy your relationship without headache, you need that special man or woman in your life. Believe me; when you see the person you will know.

Avoid relationship problems
Avoid relationship problems

5. Avoid daydream or fantasy if you want to avoid relationship problems in your marriage 

Daydreaming or fantasy in a relationship is equivalent to illusion. I believe you know what daydream means. Even if you do not know it, I believe you surely understand what I mean by fantasy.

You see; I always laugh out my energy whenever I see people expecting their relationship to follow the pattern of love they watched in a movie or what they read from a romantic novel or magazine. Please I’m not saying that those love patterns are not pragmatic.

Sure! They are. But the question is: must your relationship move in accordance with what you watch in home videos or what you read from books before you will actually know that it is progressing?

The simple answer is capital ‘NO!’ of course, if you want to savor the juice that comes from your relationship, it is advisable you and your partner device your own method of utilizing it. If not, you will keep wallowing in unreality in search of how to mold your relationship and avoid relationship problems.

6. Develop and cultivate the attitude of humility to avoid relationship problems

Humility is one virtue you must struggle to possess if you dearly want to enjoy your partner and the relationship you keep with him or her. Sometime in the past, a friend of my husband said his female friend called him on the phone. She complained bitterly about her boyfriend.

I discovered later that she had a little misunderstanding with the guy. As a good friend, what do you expect him to do? Of course, he did what a good friend could do in such a matter. After listening to her long story, he advised his friend to go back to her boyfriend and ask for his forgiveness since she was the cause of the problem.

Guess what the girl said? “For goodness sake, I don’t think that will be possible for me to do,” she said. “He can do that himself if he really cares for me.” And that was the end of the relationship. At the end, who suffered it? She, of course, suffered it most.

Now, can you see what pride can do to a relationship? In other words, it is very important you learn how to say ‘I’m sorry’ in a relationship even when you are not the offender. You do not do it because you are the offender.

No, you do it because you have to keep the relationship flourishing. You must always remember, two wrongs can never make a right, if you want to enjoy your relationship.

Moreover, for any relationship to be successful, someone must be ready to take sacrifices. Someone must be ready to play the role of a fool. Yes! Two kings can never rule a kingdom without prejudice and war.

7. Breaking up is not always the solution if you want to avoid relationship problems

Some persons when their partners annoy them, instead of looking for how to settle everything, they will think of breaking up their relationship for a new one. Are you in this class of individuals?

I would advise you to remain where you are, because if you cannot manage your present partner for good, do you think you will find it easier with that unknown person you think of locating soon? Learn to value what you have, my dear, if you really want to test what it means to keep away from relationship problems.

Let me tell you what you might not know, that your partner you are thinking of quitting is another person’s pearl. Yes! Somebody somewhere is constantly praying that you should let go of him or her just for the chance to be there.

That is life for you. If you do not value what you have, another person will value it for you. Mind you, without love, honesty, affection, humility and respect for your partner, you will never have the taste of what it means to enjoy your relationship and avoid relationship problems.

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