7 Reasons Men Love Ladies In Distress And Like Helping Them

That men love ladies in distress is not up for debate. Once upon a time, I decided I was never going to give in to any instincts pushing me to make a move towards helping a lady in distress. I thought it was manipulative.

men love ladies in distress

Manipulative in the sense that I believed ladies use ‘distress’ to make us do things for them. You know, flexing their power or control over men who have no choice but to love them.

However, resisting feminine wiles or charms is not the same thing like helping a lady in distress. A man can be seen as wicked if he does nothing for women in that state. Know what I mean?

Anyway, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that men love ladies in distress and would do anything to help them out.

I guess it all boils down to the complex psychology of how men see women. On the other hand, it could be down to something as simple as human nature trying to be nice to somebody in need. Take your pick.

Whatever you think, the fact still remains that in the presence of a damsel in distress, normal men with normal instincts would do anything to help her out.

So the question now is, why do men love ladies in distress? Read on to understand why you behave the way you do when you see girls in that state.

Reasons men love ladies in distress

They are a blazing, walking ‘come-talk-to-me’ billboard

men love ladies in distress

Even if you are a shy man who gets tongue-tied in the presence of ladies, a lady in distress would suddenly give you the confidence to chat.

Most of the time, the conversation is easy. ‘What is wrong‘ is the obvious first thing to say. ‘How can I help you‘ comes a close second.

With women in distress, all fears about talking to a woman disappear. The mind is just focused on helping her. And helping out is one thing we guys are very good at.

Our egos get a long overdue boost

men love ladies in distress

For men, nothing is as good as anything that would boost our egos. Everything we do in life is almost always about how they relate to our ego.

With a lady in distress, the act of reaching out to her, talking to her, caring for her, helping her out and seeing that gratitude on her face is priceless.

Men live for moments like that. Suddenly, our slumped shoulders become erect like a well-trained sentry guarding the entrance to the Kings inner sanctum. We start walking as if we own the world. We begin to feel benevolent towards everything.

It is just about the ego getting a boost from successfully helping a woman in trouble. Who wouldn’t live for that kind of feeling? Men would do anything to recreate that feeling again and again.

We get that ‘I’m in charge feeling.’

men love ladies in distress

This especially works for when men are constantly having a shitty time from a boss.

Helping a lady in distress is the only time we get to exhibit our leadership qualities. It gives us that bossy feeling. The feeling that we are real men who can solve real problems at a moment’s notice; something our useless boss does not get or understand.

We get the feeling of being treated like men

men love ladies in distress

The society we live in is all about the strong male and the weak female. Everywhere you turn, you are reminded of the rules of a patriarchal society constantly.

To be considered a man, you have to do certain manly things. One of them is to be able to take care of a lady.

Let face it, the feeling one gets from seeing a damsel in distress is that she is helpless. So that is one time to live up to our duties as men in a society where men are expected to look out for the ladies.

The rewards can b instant and gratifying

men love ladies in distress

After a while in consoling and helping ladies in distress, you’ll realize that the rewards can be immense.

The expected rewards are one of the major reasons men love ladies in distress I must admit. And we are not talking about a like for like reward.

Because the ladies are grateful to you, they feel obligated to give you something in return. And if you play your cards right, expect a romantic tryst immediately or soon enough.

It is easy to please them

men love ladies in distress

It is common to hear guys complain about how hard and difficult it is to please their girlfriends. Nothing they do ever seem to satisfy her.

Ladies in distress, on the other hand, have a low bar when it comes to feeling pleased. At that point, their psychology is tuned to a feeling of gratitude for any little help.

The feeling men get from pleasing a lady without too much effort is priceless. That is a lot of compensation for all those times their girlfriends show dissatisfaction with their attempts at doing nice things for her.

They make us look and feel strong

men love ladies in distress

It is every man’s dream to be a knight in shining armor for a girl in dire circumstances. These girls fulfill all our fantasies about the strong male going out save a weak helpless female.

So for a few hours or days, depending on how serious the lady’s problem is, we get to be superman or a strong Knight, charging around, breaking down barriers, jumping hurdles as we go about solving the lady’s problems.

No guy would miss an opportunity to do all that for a helpless lady especially if she is beautiful and looks like that kind of girl to have a relationship with

So, if you find yourself always drawn to women in distress, don’t worry about it too much. It is just the nature of being a man in a complex world. There are men all around the world doing the same thing.

If you have anything to add on why men love ladies in distress, please tell us about it in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this on Facebook or Twitter if you liked it.


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